Sports with Patrick Townes

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in an unfortunate end to the curling season for the members of the Elmvale Curling Club.  Although the season came to a close early, it is safe to say that it was another successful year for all members. 

The competitive Thursday night league was won by Team Randy Mooney, who had the highest record throughout the season.  Team members included Rob Ritchie, Bob Bell and Cori Mooney.  The prize for the Thursday night league is the Dave Hummelink memorial trophy. 

Other league awards were handed out to the first place team of Lou Belcourt, Paul Lambie, Clint Nesbitt and Glen Ritchie who won the Monday Masters League and the Harold Townes Memorial Trophy.  Second place was awarded to Don Bell, Rick Turner, Ron Murray and Jim Conn and third place was awarded to George Kolish, Art Van Laarhoven, Don McRae and Dave Lewis. 

For the Waterside Retirement Seniors League, top place was awarded to the team of Mike Townes, Dan McLean, Barry Somerville and Bob Corbett.  Second place was awarded to George Allen, Henry Vander Wielen, Dave Lewis and Jack Hall and third place was awarded to George Kolish, Larry Huth, Case Bouius and Chris Gilchrist. 

Thank you to the staff at the curling club for another great season, and see everyone next year. 


Given that major sports have been cancelled or postponed there is no doubt there is a vacancy within the heart of the true sports fan.  Many broadcasts are showing re-runs of the major victories and loses in Toronto sports history. 

For many Toronto Maple Leafs’ fans, that was likely the first time they got to witness Wayne Gretzky’s high stick on Doug Gilmour.  This is a play that still would infuriate Maple Leaf fans looking back to when the L.A. Kings defeated the Maple Leafs in the 1993 playoffs.

Can you believe how small the goalies were in 1993, and their equipment? Quite the contrast to today’s goalies. 

Other re-runs showed the 1992 and 1993 World Series championships won by the Toronto Blue Jays.  Looking back at the rosters for these two seasons is amazing.  These teams were built to win and they did.  The latest Blue Jays run after acquiring David Price and Troy Tulowitzki were destined for a similar path, but did not work out. 

Watching the teams that have won championships historically, no matter the sport, really shows what it takes to win.  Good coaching, stellar rosters, and a mix of young and veteran talent. 


Mike Wilner has resorted to simulating all the Toronto Blue Jays games so far this season.  Not too sure of the exact system he is using, but there was a photo posted on the internet of his score sheet and three dice.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  There have been many posts on twitter and social media showing athlete’s dream major league baseball line-ups.  It has been extremely interesting to see who has been selected.  One thing is clear that baseball line-ups are not sculpted like they use to be.  True lead-off hitters do not exist and the platoon system has led to ever changing line-ups on a nightly basis.  The line-ups that were provided included players from all eras.  One of the most used players that I saw was Derek Jeter at the SS position.  To my surprise, not one of the line-ups that I saw included Ted Williams, who was a career .344 hitter and had a season hitting over .400.  Below is what I put together for my dream line-up.

 LF – Rickey Henderson - a true lead-off hitter with amazing speed on the bases. 

RF – Ted Williams – a left handed hitter to protect Henderson on first base with one of the all-time highest batting averages of all time. 

CF – Mickey Mantle – the most important spot in the line-up is #3.  Mantle was a top offensive and defensive player, and a switch hitter as a bonus. 

DH – David Ortiz - a true DH and clutch hitter. 

1B – Babe Ruth – one of the greatest homerun hitters of all time. 

C - Ivan Rodriguez – good stats and a steady performer behind the plate. 

3B – Chipper Jones – another switch hitter to include in the line-up.  Offense and defense at a supporting position.

2B – Roberto Alomar – tough to put him 8th in the line-up, but his stellar defence and offence would contribute to the top of the line-up once it turned over.

SS – Omar Vizquel – Defence is a priority at this position. 

SP – Roy Halladay – there may be better pitchers historically, but during his prime, there is no other pitcher who performed better than the Doc. 

CP – Mariano Rivera – this one was easy. 

 Choosing this line-up was tougher than I thought.  It is hard to compare the players from different eras of baseball.  Take a shot at your dream line-up and send to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This difficult time is a good chance to reflect on the past and to tell historic sports stories.  After looking at various trophies from fastball leagues, it was interesting to see how many of the teams were simply known as their sponsor’s names.  Many local sports teams are sponsored by local business and many have the name of that local business on the back of their jerseys.  This is a difficult time for all of us but it is a good opportunity to show your gratitude to these local businesses and support them.  Sponsors serve a vital role to sports including minor baseball and minor hockey. 


C & C Renovations Atom AE

Three cheers for another great season of Elmvale Coyotes hockey!! The Atom AE team, led by coaches Brandon Sjerps and Andy Lee, worked hard all year improving their skills and representing Elmvale well in both regular season and playoff action. The boys demonstrated great heart and determination; playing some amazing games of hockey that had parents sitting on the edge of their seats and cheering with pride.

Team members include our goalie Hudson Larmand Phillips, Jack Cooper, Sam Fleischmann, Morgan Kelly, Carter Madigan, Kale Dulsrud, Anderson Lee, Brayden Palmer, Carson Sjerps, Marshall Kitchen, Hudson King, Alex Manzone, Zach Heddleston, Owen French and Pierce Hlady.

Thank you again to our sponsor, C & C Renovations!


Your Community Needs a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

 We know that self-isolation is very important at this time to help fight the spread of COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk with your kids to get a bit of exercise and some fresh air.   For some kids, especially the younger ones can find it a little boring.  That’s why your community needs a neighbourhood scavenger hunt.

This simple idea will help make your stroll more interesting and provide a fun activity for your kids inside and outside your home.  There are a few variations but this is one that you can do every day. 

First, have your kids draw or paint an object on a regular piece of paper.  It can be a star, a number, a clown or anything else their imagination can think of.  It should however be of an object that people can identify.

Once the artwork has been completed, tape it to a window facing the street.  It should be large enough so that it can be seen from the sidewalk.

When the kids walk by they can look for the artwork and depending on their age, can track how many drawings they’ve seen or how many of each type of drawing there are.  Parents can make this into a fun game by giving their kids a clipboard with lined paper.

Each home can make and tape up a new piece of art every day.   Changing the artwork regularly will make it more interesting for your audience. 

If you don’t have kids or are not the drawing type, you can always use holiday decorations from Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Halloween.  It can even be an old birthday or anniversary banner.  Some homes have been using teddy bears and dolls.  Use anything that would be of interest to the kids and their families as they walk by.

It’s just a little thing that will help make it a little less boring for everyone during this difficult time.

Brian Presley is a former youth worker, camp counsellor and semi-retired stay-at-home dad who operates the parenting website What To Do With The Kids® along with the Facebook page @whattodowiththekids where you’ll find games, crafts, activities and local events in your area.