Mike Towns
Thursday Night League Playoffs
The first round of playoffs has been completed in the Thursday Night Recreational Fastball League last Thursday night. Winners were Merchants, Selects, Legion and Royals. Round two will be Thursday, September 7th with doubleheaders in Elmvale and Hillsdale starting at 6:45 pm. Games continue on Friday night in Elmvale with a doubleheader starting at 7:00 pm, and in Elmvale on Saturday starting at 9:00 am, with the finals scheduled for around 3:00 pm.
Barrie Baycats Sweep Kitchener
The Barrie Baycats went undefeated in their playoff run (8-0) with their four-game sweep of the Kitchener Panthers. The Baycats have now won the InterCounty Baseball League for the last four seasons. The Baycats finished the season with 41 wins and only 3 losses.
Barrie dominated the league the whole season and Kitchener was only in the series for the first 13 of the 37 innings played. Barrie outscored the Panthers 42-7, out-hit them 53-20, and committed only 5 errors to the 12 that Kitchener kicked around the diamond. The pitching held Kitchener’s best hitter, Sean Reilly to only one hit in the series.
In game one, Kitchener scored twice in the 9th inning to force extra innings but Barrie scored the winner in the 10th without recording a hit, with Kitchener making two errors. Enerio Del Rosario got the win in relief of starter Emilis Guerrero who went 8.1 innings giving up only 6 hits. Ryan Spataro, Kyle DeGrace, Jordan Castaldo and Kevin Atkinson had doubles as each team had 7 hits, but the Panthers’ pitchers walked 8 Barrie batters.
In game two, the score was tied 4-4 and Kitchener was never in the series after that. Barrie took advantage of 7 walks and 6 errors to win 13-4. Kevin Atkinson had two doubles and 3 RBI to lead the offence. Matthew St. Kitts was the winning pitcher going only the 5 required innings.
In game three, Barrie won 15-0 with pitcher Claudio Custodio going the distance in a one-hitter. Barrie had 19 hits led by two homeruns, 4 hits and 6 RBI by Ryan Rijo. Jordan Castaldo had 4 hits (2 RBI) and Kevin Atkinson had 3 hits and 3 RBI.
In game four, Barrie shutout the Panthers 10-0 for the championship. Kyle DeGrace, the playoff MVP, led the offence with 4 hits while Ryan Spataro and Kevin Atkinson hit homeruns. Emilis Guerrero pitched a complete game shutout giving up only 6 hits.
Kyle DeGrace, Emilis Guerrero, Ryan Spataro and manager Angus Roy were voted to the first all-star team while Jordan Castaldo, Branfy Infante and Kevin Atkinson were placed on the second team all-star team.
Congratulations to the whole Barrie Baycats organization for a great year!
One of the fastest growing sports in North America is the game of PickleBall. The game combines the elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis using a ball that is similar to a wiffle ball. The game is played on a court that is 20 X 44 feet for singles and doubles compared to tennis that is 27 X 78 for singles and 36 X 78 for doubles.
PickleBall has come to Elmvale with an open invitation to play weekly at Huronia Centennial Elementary School beginning September 19th from 6:45 to 9 pm for anyone 19 years of age or older.
The cost to play is $35.00 (September to May) or a drop-in fee of $2.00. For more information on this fun and low impact exercise session contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

The Bourgeois “2-4-2” Lawn Bowling Tournament
The Midland Lawn Bowling Club had a full house (16 teams, 32 playres) out for the Bourgeois Motors Mixed Pairs 2-4-2 Tournament.  “2-4-2”, also known as Australian or “Aussie” pairs, is an interesting variation on the game of bowls. In this format, each player alternately plays all positions – Skip, Lead and Second.
Murray Neal from long time sponsor, Bourgeois Motors Ltd., demonstrated a 2017 Ford Escape and was on hand to present the trophy to this year’s winners, Jim Sinclair and Gail O’Sullivan.
Because the sport of bowls is enjoyed the world over, there are different ways lawn bowls can be played – each designed to cater to differing audiences, whether it be just for fun, social or competitive. For more information, visit

Perfect Lawn Bowling Score
At this year’s Bourgeois “2-4-2” Lawn Bowling Tournament in Midland, the team of Clark Bunting and Lynn Cranch scored an “eight-ender”.  An eight-ender is a perfect score within a single end of pairs lawn bowling.  Both sides throw eight bowls, and in an eight-ender, all eight bowls from one team score points. Eight-enders are extremely rare are analogous to a perfect game in baseball or a perfect game in alley bowling. Eight-enders are so uncommon that the Ontario Lawn Bowls Association has an award, the “OLBA Big Shots” to recognize any eight-ender scored in Ontario. For more information about lawn bowls in Ontario, visit

Lawn Bowling: “Married Couples” Tournament
In a true test of relationships, the Midland and District Lawn Bowling Club recently held its’ annual invitational tournament where each team must be a married couple. Lawn bowlers from Oshawa, Collingwood and Hagersville made the trip to Midland to play in this popular event which was sponsored by club members Carol Finlayson and Fred and Callie Israel.  The happy (and still married) couple in first place this year, Ron and Gail O’Sullivan.
Lawn bowling is a sport that men and women of all ages can play together on an equal basis.  Physical strength plays a small part in this game.  Skill and strategy are the real factors. For more information, visit

ECC Soccer Skillz Camp   August 21 - 25, 2017
At the shrill blow of the whistle, the tangle of players at the sideline works itself out.  “Ball out of bounds.  Throw-in for the Banana Splits!”   That was a typical call at this years’ Elmvale Community Church (ECC) 11th Annual Soccer Skillz Camp.  It ran from August 21 to 25th, 2017.
Altogether there were 61 campers and 30 coaches and assistant coaches, very nearly a 2-1 ratio!  On hand for medical care was Emily, a nursing student in her 4th year of University.  There was also sideline-care for those who needed a little extra attention.  Thankfully there were no major illnesses nor injuries.
Everybody, parents and campers, had to check in and check out at the beginning and end of the day.  One morning at check-in, there was some cold, white, wet stuff on the ground.  Snow in August?  Yes – One camper brought it over from the Elmvale arena for a conversation piece.  [You can breathe again.]
A typical day’s activities began with an energizing run around the perimeter of the field and a number of stretches.  Skill instruction was next, followed by drills to practice the new skill.  Then there would be a large group game.  Next, everybody gathered for Coach’s corner and then broke into small groups by age for discussion.  
Coach’s corner was headed up by head coach David Dunn.  He talked about the attributes of a great soccer player.  At the end of the week, his point was to “get in the game.”  Practice and drills are good, but if you don’t actually play the game, they are pointless.  Similarly, in life, it’s important to overcome your fears and get off the sidelines.  Coach David shared that it was God who taught him and gave him confidence to do that and get in the game.
Lunch followed.  Coach David Dunn would bring out his guitar and play some popular tunes while campers sang along.  He also brought a ukulele for a camper to play along.
Afternoons were for “world cup tournament” soccer games.  There were 8 teams:  Apple Pies, Atomic Warheads, Banana Splits, Creamsicles, Mango Ice Cream, Orange Crushers, Purple Gumdrops and Swedish Berries.
The wrap-up for each day was the “warm-ups”:  one or two players were chosen from each team who had done extra-ordinarily that day.  The coaches stood side-by-side in a long, single line.  On cue, each one rubbed their hands together quickly to warm them up.  The chosen players ran the length of the line, one at a time, slapping hands and high-fiving the coaches all the way.  Waiting for them, at the end of the line, was an iconic stick-on black moustache.  [Why a moustache?  Good question to ask when you come to the wrap-up and awards ceremony – see the end of this article for details.]
There was a solar eclipse on Monday, so everybody went to the church for the afternoon. They worked on team banners/flags and team cheers.  Tuesday was a rainy day and the soccer camp was moved to Wasaga Beach Paintball.  Then on Wednesday camp was back at Our Lady of Lourdes field, and on Thursday and Friday, too.  Wednesday was a bit chilly, so campers came prepared with warmer clothes and/or sweaters for Thursday.  Friday began on the cool side but turned out beautifully with sunny, clear blue skies.  
The final game of the week-long “world cup” tournament was held on Friday afternoon.  Campers lined the edge of the field and cheered on their fellow campers.  In fact, it was impressive how all the teams always cheered each other on, even those who were playing against them.  The Apple Pies were this year’s champions.
When campers were asked what the best thing about camp was, lunch was high on the list.  One junior coach was happy about the role he played at camp: encouraging the kids and keeping the ball on the field.  Meeting new people was exciting, too.  Also, the coaches had fun watching the kids learn and grow; seeing kids who in past years were picking flowers on the sidelines now helping as coaches.
The reason that ECC runs the soccer camp is because they love kids and love the community.  They believe in investing in young leaders.  They want to give kids the memory of learning teamwork.  In addition, the kids get to experience and enjoy the out of doors.  
Kudos to Mike Dufort, the principal of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, who allowed us to use his school’s playing fields, swings and sandbox.  And a big thankyou to Steve and Donna Langman who welcomed us to use their amazing indoor facilities at Wasaga Beach Paintball.
To coaches and campers: Please come back for the 2017 Soccer Camp Wrap Up and Awards Ceremony: Sunday, September 10th from 1:00 to 3:00pm.  Happening rain or shine at Heritage Park, Queen St. West, Elmvale.  All are welcome to join us earlier the same day for Church in the Park; this is our regular church service, only outdoors, at Heritage Park, Elmvale.  
Brought to you by Your Soccer Camp Team, Elmvale Community Church – 12 Queen St. East.  Web address

Hillsdale Minor Ball
2017 marks the second year that minor softball has returned to the diamonds of Hillsdale.  The hope is to build this organization back up and to have teams in all levels of play.  This year we were able to provide Tball for those young children hoping to learn the game as well as Tyke and Squirt teams that played in the GBMSL.  With over 40 kids this year enjoying the game we are proud to say they all had the community of Hillsdale behind them.  With the large diamond in use most days a diamond at the school had to be used to allow these teams to play.  A big ‘Thank you’ for the generous donation of time and material from Borall Fencing as it brought the school diamond up to the standard of play required to host games.
Both the Tyke and Squirt teams had very successful seasons which we hope will help entice more players to come out and we will be able to expand the number of teams representing Hillsdale.  The Tyke team from start to finish played with grit and smiles on their faces enjoying an undefeated year.  These young boys and girls should be congratulated on winning the leagues Triple Crown.  This is rarely done and means they finished first in the regular season, won their playoff tournament and also came away victorious in the Tyke championship game against a strong Vasey squad winning the Ross and Mary Ann Leonard trophy.

The Squirt team also enjoyed success in all areas.  They were able to finish second place behind only an undefeated Wyevale team in the regular season (Pictured below).  This team was able to play some flawless baseball in the midseason tournament cruising right through beating Wyevale in the Championship game.  Playoffs as per usual were a long hard fought battle.  These young ball players were able to defeat Wyebridge in the first round, Elmvale 1 in the second round and again playing their nemesis Wyevale in the finals.  The final series was very tight and the games could have went either way but in the end our Hillsdale team came out on top winning the Bob Potter Sr Memorial trophy for the second consecutive year.
We would like to thank all these players for representing Hillsdale with pride and class throughout the year.  We would like to thank the parents for their commitment of time and making sure the kids were able to enjoy this great game.  All the coaches were fantastic and ensured the game centered around fun and learning.  Without these coaches donating their time and effort there is no team to play on.  We would also like to send out a huge thank you to the sponsors.  Brampton Brick, Elmvale Home Building Center, Hillsdale Truck and Auto Supply, AWW Water Works, Ball Septic, Roto Static, The Jones Consulting Group and the Wyevale Tribe all made generous donations to our organization.  Without the assistance of local businesses minor sports would not be attainable for these players and we owe them a big thank you and I encourage you to support their businesses.
Thanks to all for a great year and we look forward to making the 2018 season even bigger and better