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Georgian College - On Tuesday, June 20, there were 2008 students eligible to graduate from 120 programs in Barrie, Midland, Muskoka, Orangeville and South Georgian Bay (Collingwood. THe Convocations took place at 10 am, 2 pm and 7 pm at the Barrie Campus Athletic Centre. THe event was streamed on the internet incase you could not get there.


Although no complete records exist of the volumes and types of materials disposed in ocean waters in the United States prior to 1972, several reports indicate a vast magnitude of historic ocean dumping:

In 1968, the National Academy of Sciences estimated annual volumes of ocean dumping by vessel or pipes:

100 million tons of petroleum products;

two to four million tons of acid chemical wastes from pulp mills;

more than one million tons of heavy metals in industrial wastes; and

more than 100,000 tons of organic chemical wastes.

A 1970 Report to the President from the Council on Environmental Quality on ocean dumping described that in 1968 the following were dumped in the ocean in the United States:

38 million tons of dredged material (34 percent of which was polluted),

4.5 million tons of industrial wastes,

4.5 million tons of sewage sludge (significantly contaminated with heavy metals), and

0.5 million tons of construction and demolition debris.

EPA records indicate that more than 55,000 containers of radioactive wastes were dumped at three ocean sites in the Pacific Ocean between 1946 and 1970. Almost 34,000 containers of radioactive wastes were dumped at three ocean sites off the East Coast of the United States from 1951 to 1962.

In October 1972, Congress enacted the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA), sometimes referred to as the Ocean Dumping Act, declaring that it is the policy of the United States to regulate the dumping of all materials which would adversely affect human health, welfare or amenities, or the marine environment, ecological systems or economic potentialities.

Today, millions of tons of plastic trash flow into the world’s oceans each year, and a new study finds that most of it comes from China and developing economies in Asia.

In 2010, it was estimated that up to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic - forget the other components - ended up in the world’s oceans.

Jenna Jambeck, a University of Georgia environmental engineer suggested that at 8 million metric tons, the amount of debris “is the same as five trash garbage bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world.

My question is, “Does this affect the coral reefs? This affects the fish. Is it Climate Change or the vast amount of pollution that is in the oceans/seas that is causing the alkalinity oof these bodies of water to change?”


Pipelines - leaks - With modern technology, one would think they could have a detection system that would warn or shutdown the pipeline pumping if there was so much as a slight drop in pressure. Instead of fighting against pipelines, whomever could probably make a small fortune inventing and promoting this unknown devise.


We were sitting around talking about gas prices. Someone commented about how the price had dropped from $1.12 to 99 cents. Someone else wondered whether the price of a barrel of oil had fallen. Then out of someone’s mouth came the profound statement, “Since when did the price of oil have anything to do with the price of gas?’


We get many calls from shysters offering us advise, trips for your families or whatever.

So to stymie the free trip, you have to be between the ages of 30 and 70. When you say you are older/younger, they tell you that you do not qualify. On the last call, I told them I knew that was the right answer.

At 7:20 one morning, the caller claims they were calling from the bank and that my credit card had been compromised. To check and make sure, they asked me for my C C number. I asked which one, and the caller said the one that started with 45. FYI, most all CC numbers begin with 45. Don’t get scrammed.


Provincial Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown came to power because of hard work, which led to a significant following which led to his winning of the leadership vote despite some people’s opinion that he would not get there.

In a random sampling (June 19th) of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll™ among 1003 Ontario voters, Patrick Brown is generally seen as the strongest on most issues, with Andrea Horwath or leading or tied in half the areas; Kathleen Wynne is not seen to be the best in any area.

It would seem that with a little tact, we are looking towards a Conservative government when we go to vote on June 7th, 2018.

I wonder if PB’s ambition could be his downfall.

It is good of him to inform us that the Liberals (amongst other things) are hiking fees for Ontario drivers on July 1st. The cost of the G1 license will increase $23.25. Since coming to power in 2013, these increases are roughly 133% of what we did pay. The sticker for your car’s license plate has increased 33%. The cost of a written test for all drivers has increased 133% - it was $10 and is now $23.25. Road tests for class A-F drivers have increased 29% - $75 to $96.75.

But when mass resignations of volunteers from two Tory ridings in Ottawa - claiming a toxic and destructive environment - and ballot stuffing allegations - 28 more votes than people to vote and the winner has a margin of only 15 votes - are not addressed, or when the liberals point out the fact that Brown’s statements may not have been factual, those looking forward to a new regime within the year tend to cringe a little.

My advise to Patrick Brown, don’t let your ambition smother your chances.


I get the notices from the Provincial Offenses Court/Ontario Court of Justice about businesses that had an accident and what the follow-up investigation revealed. When you read them, a lot of them appear that maybe one of the persons involved lacked some common sense.

In one case, a municipality was fined upwards to $100,000. What is that going to gain. Those involved still got their paycheck. The people/read taxpayers of the municipality would have to come up with the money. I think the better way would be to send the persons involved away to a training school for a week WITHOUT PAY. When it hurts your pocket book, you will be more cautious.

Many of the fines I read about will only increase a companies expenses. Help them avoid such a problem would make more sense to me.


That’s it Charles...two weeks time!!!