Editor's Musings

Some weeks seem to be more exciting than others. Maybe it is out enjoying some better weather, cutting the grass, trimming some branches off a tree and planting some flowers and produce.

Or maybe it’s some of the odd things?

A fellow named George Czerny-Holownia lives in Collingwood and has authored 10 books mostly about the Collingwood area - granted I haven’t read them yet but the titles are sort of a giveaway. He has now released his eleventh named “Kiss the Ground You Walk On, Canada” and one whole chapter is about the Springwater News.

I wondered how one could write something without interviewing us but I learned he has a subscription. George was once the brains behind the Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin and so can relate to the newspaper business. He knows all about the accomplishments of my wife and my family.

He says that our area is fortunate to have a local paper then he describes one of my mistakes in a paper - same article twice - just to embarrass me.

He went to a company named Volumes in Kitchener-Waterloo to get the book printed. When I checked this company, they had two prices...the cheaper $799 plan and the more intense $1499 system which covered all the necessities and a few extras. They print the books on demand so if you only wanted one, the mysteries of the modern printing world kick in.

If you want a book, they are available by going to the www.blurb.com book publishing platform and look up George Czerny.


So on about authors, Jane Cooper (Ottawa or more exactly Metcalfe) wrote a book about an Elmvale resident who around the turn of the 1800-1900 century lived in Elmvale probably where the Pieces of Olde/The Odd Fellow and Rebecca’s Hall is. Someone suggested the sale/purchase of that building happened in the early 1900s. The Elmvale resident was a Bertha May Crawford (1886-1937) who ended up as a great opera singer in the Russia and Poland area. Jane reviewed the story/book on Friday afternoon at the Library. The book is available at the Elmvale Library.

She needed a place to stay on Friday night following a conference at the Blue Mountains so Margaret Ann suggested she stay here.

We needed something picked up in Barrie so we took her to Barrie, showed her around, came back up Olde Penetanguishene Road giving her the history as we know it, stopped in Amiches in Craighurst to eat, then north thru Martyr’s Shrine for a minute or two as we were getting behind.


I had tickets for Jack and the Beanstalk the Panto at the King’s Wharf in Penetanguishene.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, there is no need to follow the English fairy tale as it was written by Benjamin Tabart in 1734. I am not going to tell you that “YES” there is a beanstalk and “NO”, there is not a giant.

Following the show, it was opening night, they have food and a chance to meet the 14 actors/actresses and the super troupe (local students) of 15 talented kids, we then left and we journeyed in the truck around the Super Jail and Waypoint like at 10:30 pm at night.


On Saturday morning, we got moving early. We picked up two of my sisters and went to the Buttertart Festival in Midland Everyone had the same idea. Let’s get there early. It was not to start til 9 am and at 8:45, it was crowded. We returned home to see her 10:30 am  Airport shuttle ride backing out of our driveway. She caught it but just barely.

My sisters have some Jacobs blood in them which means they like Garage Sales. That took another 2 or 3 hours which included a snack/lunch at the Fry Guys in Anten Mills.

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Grand Bend. It was sunny weather and we had no deadline. One of our sons had arranged a hotel room a few hundred yards off the main street as a Margaret Ann birthday present (she is now the same age as me for 19 days then I become her Senior Citizen again) and a Happy Father’s Day gift.


I know farming. My woes are with our food producers. A lot of crop is not in the ground yet. Down in the Grand Bend area, I wondered if 50% of the crops were planted not that it is much different up here. But down there, they might be six weeks behind. The wheat is coming out in head in one field, the hay has been harvested in the next field and they are sowing grain or beans in the next field. Some places the corn may have been 4 or 5 inches high but that was not the norm. In a good year, they probably have most of their crops in the ground by the end of April.


Main street of Grand Bend is somewhat like the old Wasaga Beach. Lots of stores, eating places and people.

The water levels are up and the water is cold but there were lots of frisbees, footballs and volleyball activities. We watched a few people challenge the water temperatures and I noticed that probably 10 feet off shore, the water was shoulder deep. A store owner told me they dredged the lake near the shore.


Sunday was church at 9 in Zurick so we had the day to ourselves. We journeyed around the country side - it may have been Sunday but the farmers were going as fast as they could - then to a Winery for some samples and then to the Country Playhouse theatre for a presentation of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

(I am a sponsor of the Drayton Society. I get two tickets for whatever 10 shows I decide to attend.)

I had never seen it. When I saw it was an early 1920s production during the temperance period, I was less interested. Then the singing started. Millie is one of the best shows I have ever seen.

After the show, we found a new way home and enjoyed the countryside - and cringed at how far behind some of our farmers are. It is sure not Global warming.


Just a note about the Solor Panels on my roof.

- The first energy we produced for the grid was on May 3rd, 2016.

- In 2019, January (.217 MWh)  and February (0.44 MWh) productions were the best this year compared to the same month back then.

- March (.98 MWh) was almost average.

- April (1.016 MWh) was below the average (1.213 MWh) as was May at 1.22 MWh down from 1.340 MWh.


Like many people, I am disappointed with the departure of the Toronto Dominion bank from Elmvale.

I now sit at home and use my cell phone to do deposits and pay my bills, a system that works at about a C level when an A level would be perfect,

I noticed on my TD Canada Trust app that there is a location for the TD 365 metres from my house. It indicated that there was an ATM at 9 Queen St West in Elmvale.

But we all know it left on April 18th and as of June 7th, the TD has not updated their app.



In the past three years, our world has cooled .56 degrees. But prior to that, according to an analysis by NASA scientists, the average global temperature has increased by about 0.8°Celsius (1.4° Fahrenheit) since 1880. Two-thirds of the warming has occurred since 1975.

So out comes a study in the journal Science Advances that shows that if we warm 2 degrees C, there could be between 70 to 1980 deaths each year in 15 major United States cities. But if we keep the warming to 1.5 C, we could prevent between 110 and 2720 deaths depending on the city.

We have had a 1 degree rise in the temperature. There have been no claims of a rising death rate, in fact we live better lives than ever before and the world is greener now than 50 years ago.

Is this not verified proof that as the temperatures rise, and we get better crops, and we live longer, this study is majorly flawed.


Al Gore, a failed presidential candidate for the US, rebranded himself as a Climate Expert and has made millions.

Following in his footsteps, apparently Hillary Clinton is rebranding herself as an expert on the issue of climate change even though she offered little in the way of policy solutions when she was in office. Recently, she flew to the Virgin Islands for a meeting of the ‘climate elite’. She will probably be another SHRILL getting paid big bucks to espouse something  we should do but all the times, raking in the $$$, travelling all over the world producing CO2 to keep photosynthesis alive.


PEER-REVIEWED SCIENCE: The Medieval Warm Period Was Indeed Global And Warmer Than Today

The Medieval Warm Period, also known as the Medieval Climate Optimum (due to conditions favoured for crops, life and civilisation to thrive) existed a short time ago in the climate record, from c. 950 to c. 1250., and has remained a thorn in the side, ever since, for today’s Global Warming Climate Change activist movement.

I am sick and tired of all this Man Caused Global Warming bringing record freezing cold and snow! Al Gore promised us there would be no more winters and no more frozen ice caps by 2013.

So Charles!

Do you have that driveway finished?

How’s your lawn coming?