Editor's Musings

I received some information about a company in Barrie and as I read through the email, that little feeling of “What’s the matter with you?’ wiggled through my body.

Maybe I am wrong but...in the advertisement, it had the names of the principals. It was their first name plus the letter of their last name. I wondered why they would not give their full name. What have they to hide? It also rang of the schoolish system of giving the student’s first name and only the letter of their last name. One could wonder how mature this company is?

Would you like all reference to individuals as being Constable M., Councillor D., articles written by Joyce M., and letters to the editor signed by Chester F?

Am I wrong?


I wonder sometimes, as I watch the local weather report,, if some of the places in Springwater and Tiny have an identification problem. Seldom, maybe never, when they are talking about weather patterns and road conditions do I hear of any place in Tiny Township and the times I hear about a place in Springwater, it is Hillsdale or Orr Lake.

Oro-Medonte gets sort of famous because of Horseshoe Valley, Mount St. Louis and Hwy 400.

Tay? It has Waubashene, Port McNicoll, Victoria Harbour and the SS Keewatin.

What’s the matter with any centre in Tiny or any other centre in Springwater?


Did you watch the Golden Globes the other night on TV? Everyone was dressed in black in recognition of women’s rights. Sometimes I think there is too much politicizing of otherwise good entertainment. I turned it to another channel.


Christmas - there is absolutely nothing that I need to make my life complete. Therefore, you can give me those frivolous things and I am happy.

For instance, one of my grand-daughters gave me a deed to a one acre piece of land on the planet Mars. She suggests that MA and me will never go there, and she has her doubts about her mom and dad ever going there so I am to will it to her and in 50 or 60 years, the property will probably be worth a grand fortune and she will have a place to go.

The other grand-daughter gave me Christmas braces/suspenders. One side is red and white while the other side is green and white. Since Christmas day, they have been an integral part of my wardrobe. As we get a little further from Christmas, maybe I will change to one of the other 15 pair that I have.

Last year, a grandson made sure I had a few pair of fun socks - bright coloured socks with pictures on them. Justin Trudeau must have seen our fashion statement because he wears bright colourful socks now.

I got a floating globe, a globe of the world that sits in a circular hole and through a magnetic field, floats there.

I got a set of spoons so now the Jacobs Noise Makers can add a new instrument to our piano/organ, violin, flutes, tambourine, six guitars (a couple are electric) and mouth organs. There are four of us in the band. We sometimes sing as well but it is kinda inaudible like everything else with our group. If you want to hire us - we are 5, 8, 10 and 70 - and on a school night most of us have curfews. Call this paper.

I received a little army tank, probably two inches cubed in size, and if you take and make a magic marker route on a piece of paper, it will follow it all day long.

Another novelty - it almost looked like two saucers, each with a mirror on it’s open side. One has a two inch hole in the middle of it. If I put a little frog on the one plate, and put the other with the hole in it upside down on top, when you look at it, it looks like the frog is sitting above the hole but he is really about 2 inches away.

Some people must have been worried about my balance as I got a bicycle helmet as well as a hat with padding in it in case I fall on the ice while curling.

Amongst the remaining gifts was the Guinness Book of Records and a bottle of fish food for my five fish.

I did not get an ugly Christmas sweater but there is always another time..


There is a picture on Facebook of Alyssa’s test presumably from school. Her name was written out in ‘cursive”. Apparently her mother had taught her. The note from the teacher suggested that she had been warned against using this type of writing.

What’s wrong with that?

Probably one of the best comments was the suggestion that the teacher probably could not read it.

As the education system changes, I have been told that students are not taught how to type, the subject that morphed into keyboarding. So if your little tyke is typing with one finger today, chances are that when he/she grows up, the one finger method will dominate.

A 13 year old girl jumped out of the back of a bus before it came to a stop, stumbled, hit her head and will need care for the rest of her life. The jury awarded her $7 million. But according to at least one bus driver, this may not have been an isolated case. Students have done this for years - as a celebration at the end of the year. He also commented about students wandering around on a moving bus while teachers rode on the same bus and watched the transgressions but did nothing. He suggested there were support problems and although problems had been presented to the principal or teacher in charge of discipline, often, not much came of it.

As I read the article, I wondered when the day will come that the bus driver will have a secure lock for windows and doors. I also wondered at the seat belt dilemma. When a student rides in his/her parent’s vehicle, the parents are liable if the seatbelts are not being used. I wonder when the day will come that all students must have the seatbelt on, locked and around their waist. If they undo it, the bus loses power.

Oh, for the freedom I had growing up. No seatbelts! No helmets on the bike! We rode in the back of half ton trucks, tractors without cabs, we carried and fired guns without a license, we climbed around the hay-mow, climbed ladders with out much sense towards safety - and the list goes on and on. We knew freedom.


So I came across this...

That is at $14 so it would be interesting what the $15 minimum wage will produce. But one can draw a conclusion that the government wins two ways. They get the vote of some of the 33% who make either minimum wage or very little more and they get more taxes WIN-WIn Wynne.

One also wonders if the front page story about everyone under 25 getting free prescription drugs is not another attempt at gardening votes.

In case you wondered, the 2018 election will align the boundaries with the Federal governments so instead of 107 MPPs, the number we have now, it will increase to 122.

With 15 new MPPs come 15 new offices and 15 new salaries plus numerous additional assistants plus new furniture plus, plus plus. It is a good thing Wynne raised the minimum wage...all that extra tax revenue...

That’s it until January 25th Charles.