Editor's Musings

I hate answering services.

One of the reasons I deal with Willard Marshall Insurance (who advertises on the front page of this paper) is that when I call there, very promptly, you hear a human voice.

If you want to exasperate yourself, call the Township of Springwater. On the positive side, one can admire the fact that immediately, the recording starts. But, if you wait for the whole recording, it is a full one minute long. Fire services is the number 8 button to push and at this point, you are 50 seconds into the voice recording. I pressed the 8 button, and unfortunately, after four or five rings, the beautiful voice of Debbie Labelle comes on to say that they are not available so leave a message. I think Springwater should be pleased/happy to have Debbie Labelle as an employee. Had the voice belonged to anyone else, I might have been even more exasperated.

I wonder how many people call the township a day and how many times people listen to part or all of the recording. I wonder how much time is wasted by people listening to that recording. I wonder how many people who are calling the township to complain about something are so heated after listening to the recording that immediately, they are on the attack.

I know the township might argue that it saves time/money so a human could spend doing some other job, but is that productive?

I believe that if someone answered the telephone almost immediately each time it rang, the township would be supplying the ratepayers with what some of us might call an essential service...and when one of the employees comes unto the line, as a caller, I would not be so pissed off.


And why did I phone there?

I went to an AED demonstration at 12 Parr Blvd down past Grenfel put on by the Jackson family who owns the house. On the side of the garage, they have an AED which anyone can access 24 hours a day.

In Elmvale we have one in the community Hall which most of the time is behind locked doors.

We have one in the Curling Rink and the Arena but if you should have a heart attack on the main street of Elmvale, at this point in time, you would have to wait for the fire truck which is not far away. It was suggested that when the firetruck is called,  it may be 10 minutes before the truck arrives with the defibrillator on it.

Since the likely hood of surviving decreases so  drastically the longer it takes to get the shock from the AED which may restart your heart, I called the fire department. I was told that from the time they got the call recently, it was five minutes before the truck arrived on the scene.

It may also be noted that the firehall is also where the ambulance is located so you may have two chances for survival if needed.

Do we need one half way down the main street located on a store’s outside sidewalk side?

The defibrillator, as displayed at the Jackson house,  would cost around $2000. Once mounted, if not used, it has upwards to an eight year life before it would have to be serviced.

The machine checks itself every few seconds.

There is an indicator should it need any service.

When you open it, there is a camera taking numerous pictures which is transmitted to numerous cell phones (anyone could have it programed into your phone to buzz you in case of an emergency)  so you can see who is there.

The LOUD alarm goes off for 3 minutes to alert people that there is an emergency.

Although it is nice to have taken a course on how to use an AED, and you can see many demonstrations on its use on your computer, the machine talks to you telling you what to do...and there are pictures on the pads so most anyone can operate it and save someone’s life.

Carly Jackson, who offers training and who is an AED specialist sent out some information after the Sunday demonstration

We wanted to share a video to that summarizes everything we went over today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=zNMngykOsTI

Here is a video on a recent AED Save of a local Barrie man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRZ2vjPWq14&t=14s

Here is a video of the ECG (

what the AED will record) of that save: 


Similar AEDs are located around the world.

Although the fire department and the ambulance may be nearby, if not out on a call, I have this nagging feeling that I would like to see one of these devises more accessible. If the chance of survival deceases from 80% to 20% the longer we have to wait for a possible life saving shock, I would rather be able to take a pro-active maneuver rather than stand there helpless waiting for help.

My email address is at the top of this page. My telephone number is at the top of the odd pages. I will put some money towards it and I will work with the suppliers.


Barack Obama gave a speech in Orange County, California (you probably saw it on TV because all the news reporters in United States reported on it) where a total of 750 people showed up. Donald Trump gave speeches in Montana (12,000), Indiana (11,000) and West Virginia (13,600) according to Addy Baird who writes for Think Progress.

If anyone does not want Donald Trump to win the mid terms, I think someone should be worried.


Someday, as time passes, ATVs will be legal on most all roads.

At the July 18th Oro-Medonte Council Meeting, they approved an amended By-Law to expand permission for ATV and ORV travel on select roads within the Township, on a trial basis. Safety, minimizing the impact to the community, and environmental sensitivity were key considerations for Council while contemplating all aspects of the By-Law.

If your municipality has not approved their use, it shows how they are dragging their feet and leaves me thinking how unprogressive they are at other things.

Springwater Township has some limited use. We were at the Fry Guy in Anten Mills and there were three machines and their 5 or 6 riders. This was business that the Fry Guy may not otherwise have received.

We were at the Wahta Station near Bala and half the people there (20) had come in by ATVs and ORVs. Open up the roads and we will be helping numerous businesses.

The Ontario Government brought in a third party election advertising rule which is affecting our municipal election. It says that if you want to send a letter to the editor suggesting that candidate x is your choice, or candidate x is better or worse than, you have to register with the municipality as a third party and follow their rules.

If anyone has registered, they have not sent anything my way as a registrant. But I have had to say no a few letters stories already.

One was just a good time story about the kick-off of one of the candidates campaign. Sounds like they had a good time with food and camaraderie.

A couple were critical of past members of council..

A couple more were about what a great job the candidate did before entering the political game and that is why he/she would make such a great councillor.

During this election, although it is municipal, anything that has been said about the Ontario premiers whether they be Liberal, Conservative or NDP or any of our prime ministers would not be suitable. So we miss out on people’s opinions. What we need is a rogue website or Facebook/Twitter/social network feed where there are no rules.

Charles - in a couple of weeks...