Editor's Musings

Wondering if I should or if I shouldn’t, I went to the hospital and spent 51 hours in the emergency section of RVH , and after numerous blood tests because of a fluctuating hemoglobin count and internal bleeding, x-rays, CT scan and a scope down my throat, I was released with the warning to never, NEVER, ever take ibuprofen / Advil again. As we get older, our body gets more fragile and it cannot tolerate things we use to do in the past. If you take Advil, read all the directions i.e. only two pills WITH FOOD and not more than eight a day.

So to those that heard I was holidaying, I am okay and to those who had not heard, I will suggest that the problem has been solved. I am okay.

You know how one problem leads to another...in all the tests that take you out of your (sort of) room like x-rays, CT scan and the scope, they ask you to take off your (reading) glasses, your watch, your rings (it has been on my finger for over 50 years and won’t come off), take out your hearing aids and if you have false teeth, please remove. I am of the feeling that people don’t have to see one’s teeth sitting there so I wrapped them in some clean Kleenex and put them with my other belongings.

Two hours later, I returned to another room - I did not know they were moving me - and as I began to reassemble the various loose parts of my body, there were no teeth. One of the people cleaning up thought the tissue was just some old tissue. Immediately, a few people headed back to find my lost item, but despite their best efforts, I am gumming it today. I have been to a denturist and if all goes better than expected, I may have grinders by the time you read this.


When you read the OPP report on page 14, which then overflows on to our website, you might observe that there is very little information from the Huronia West detachment in Wasaga Beach which covers most of Springwater Township. Mark Kinney was the former media contact. He emailed me lots of police reports. But then he retired to run for politics in Wasaga Beach - and he won. Meanwhile, I am told his job was not filled. Huronia West has no media person to forward us the local news or anyone to put it on the OPP Portal which hosts police incidents from all over Ontario.


In the new NAFTA deal, Canada gave up part of their dairy industry to the United States. According to the DFC (Dairy Farmer’s of Canada) spokesman, it is equivalent to 8.4% of the market. To compensate the farmer’s Ottawa announced that the dairy farmers would be compensated a total of $1.75 billion over the next eight years. In the first year, $345 million will be distributed in one lump payment per farm. If you have an 80 milk cow herd, the compensation would be $28,000.

I received an email from someone about the milk being served in the cafeteria at the Elmvale District High School. They said “It’s a sad day when your small town farm community High School serves American milk in the cafeteria.” and there was a picture of the regular and chocolate Fairlife bottles.

Fairlife is a brand of ultrafiltered milk distributed in Canada and United States by the Coca-Cola Company. The milk comes in four varieties; reduced fat, chocolate, fat free and whole milk. For the sake of clarification, I believe reduced fat is like the 1% or 2%, chocolate (ditto), fat free is skim and whole milk is 3.5% fat content many of us buy in the local stores.

Ultra filtered milk (from their website) - We filter our milk into its five components (water, minerals, lactose, protein and fat) and then recombine them in different proportions. We pasteurize our milk at an even higher temperature for less time. That gives fairlife much longer shelf life unopened. After opening, its shelf life is the same as ordinary milk and should be consumed within 14 days and kept refrigerated.

As I read about it, it would appear it is American milk but they are emphasizing that it is soon to be 100% Canadian after spending $85 million to build a production plant in Peterborough scheduled to open sometime in 2020.

Whether milk that has 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and 50% less sugar than regular milk, tastes the same and costs over twice as much for the same quantity,  is good for you, that conclusion is yours.

But at a time when conventional milk consumption is on the decline, anything to boost the sales is good news for dairy farmers.


I grew up on a dairy farm and for many years, milked up to 70 cows, morning and night, seven days a week. With that short resume, I suggest I can comment on the industry with a little know about. Not all milk could go into the cooler. This included milk from a fresh cow for 4 or 5 days after she had had a calf, or a cow which we were treating for some ailment and had to wait for up to 7 days after the last medicinal treatment. This extra milk was fed to calves  who may have been on a milk replacer so none went to waste. I was a little surprised to recently read an article about farmer’s pasteurizing milk. The intent is to kill 99% of the bad bacteria before passing it on to the calves.

It is my understanding that when we get some of these needles for whatever, what we are really doing is injecting a very minute part of that disease into our system so we can easily grow the antibodies to fight the same disease.

So with my reasoning, how does an animal build any resistance when they are never exposed to some of the more common dairy/animal afflictions.


Our governments decided to legalize Cannabis with the argument that they could put the illegal black market out of business...or so I thought.

Just read an article which indicated that those buying from the government are getting some relief as the government sanctioned sellers had dropped their prices 3.9% so it is now $10.23 per gram on average. I might need some help here because if you have to pay taxes on a gram and if it is the regular HST of 13%, I would suggest the price to be $11.56.

The price on the illicit market fell 5.9% to $5.59 cents so says the article and you pay no HST on that. (How do they know what the price is on the Black Market?)


I was in Walmart. There were 8 people lined up for the two out of 8 checkouts that were open There were 3 or 4 people in the self checkout.

I might suggest, the girls/guys running the check outs, much like the tellers in a bank are amongst the lowest paid individuals in the building BUT they are the frontline, the people we see and deal with each day. They do more for the impression we have of a business than do all those unseen people behind closed doors. They are the people pointing something useful out to us. They are the friends and helpers which make us feel welcome.

Somewhere between 80 and 95% of the stuff sold in Canada’s 411 Walmart’s is Chinese.

The average hourly rate for Walmart.com employees in Canada is $14.44C.

Walmart does not consider me to be a prized part of their business. They do not want my business. They just want my dollar.


The average hourly rate for Costco wholesale company employees in Canada is $16.62C. There are 100 Costcos in Canada. There are 762 around the world.


That’s all Charles - will do it again in two weeks.