Editor's Musings

A while back, I mentioned the wild pigs in our area and that one had been killed out west of Hamillville, near Flos Road 4 West.

Wild Pigs, often referred to as Feral Hogs have been reported in Eastern Ontario, as well as in the southwestern portion of the Province, and up North. Most weigh between 50 and 90 kilograms (110 to 200 pounds) but can approach 200 kilograms (440 pounds) or, on occasion, even more. There are several species of the beast, as well as hybrids.

There have been over fifty confirmed sightings. One report suggests that we see only about 5% of the population because they are mostly nocturnal. If that figure is right, we have 1000 wild pigs in Ontario but that is only a guess.     Saskatchewan has the largest population in Canada

In the U.S., an estimated seven million such pigs are spread across 35 states, where the omnivorous swine tear up soil and habitats looking for something—anything—to eat. They cause $2 billion in damage every year, according to the USDA, and can spread disease to domestic pigs and humans alike.

Presently - press release dated October 23rd, 2019 - there’s a push on to find out where wild pig populations are present in Ontario.

If you see a wild pig, or group of wild pigs, MNRF would like them to call the local district office to report the sightings, including location and time of sighting, numbers of animals, whether adults or young are present, and any other information that may be of importance. Or better yet, take a photo and send it in to this website https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/ontario-wild-pig-reporting.

Wild Pigs pose a danger to wildlife, eco-systems and crops, and less-so, to human habitation. Where ownership of wild boars on the landscape cannot be ascertained, the animals may be hunted. There is no proscribed hunting season for wild pigs, but you will need an Ontario Small Game Hunting license.


The Ontario NDP sends e-mails to whomever (as does other political parties) explaining something they don’t like and then asking for funds to help fight it.

On Monday, they mentioned that the Quebec courts would be hearing an appeal on Bill 21, a bill that bans religious symbols which they think is discriminatory. They want our money so they can fight it with all their power.

As I read that, I wondered what their response would be if Quebec tried to take part in a bill that Ontario was working on and trying to make the law.

Since the last American election in the United States, there has been great concern about Russian interference. But United States has interfered in the elections of at least 85 other countries in an attempt to get who or what party the US thinks is of more of an advantage sometimes to United States and sometimes for the people of the country involved.

In the 2015 Canadian election, 114 third parties poured $6 million into influencing the election outcome and many of those third parties were funded by the U.S.-based Tides Foundation. Tides is an American public charity and fiscal sponsor working to advance progressive policy in areas of American concern and beliefs such as the environment, health care, labor issues, immigrant rights, gay rights, women’s rights and human rights.

If the NDP think it is okay for Ontario to interfere in Quebec’s decision making, and if it is okay for the US to interfere in over 85 other countries elections, then I guess they think it is okay to have the Russians interfering in the American election.


There is a CN Railway strike. What we hear mostly is that Quebec is running out of propane. What we haven’t heard much about is how it is affecting the farmers in our area. There are farmers who could be out harvesting their corn - which is already a couple of weeks late and with a higher moisture content than usual - but they ran out of propane more than a week ago.

One such farmer referred to how the ‘Pretty Boy” in Ottawa cannot seem to comprehend the urgency especially when some farmers are referring it 22019 the worst year ever for the agricultural industry.

Another article I read was about the onion farmers and their crops. One farmer commented that he had two tractor trailer loads of onions sitting waiting to be delivered but because of imports, there was no market. He claimed that the farmer was being paid 15 to 18 cents a pound for their product. In what might be the cheapest place to buy product in Wasaga Beach, 3 pounds of onions were priced at just a little less than $2 on Sunday. The farmer’s return on the product is maybe 50 cents.


I think what I want for Christmas is one of those black hoodies like Jason Kenney wore to the Grey Cup Football game. I like the writing on the front of it which says I love Canadian oil and gas.


Who runs the United Nations?

Answer Wiki. No one person or nation runs the United Nations; rather the United Nations run themselves. If you are, however, looking for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, you will find he is Ban Ki-moon of South Korea. He is the de facto spokesperson for the United Nations.


When filling out your Christmas cards, take one and address it to

Any Canadian Forces Member

PO Box 5140 Stn Forces

Belleville ON K8N 5W6

These cards will be forwarded to service men and women stationed throughout the world.


Things you read in the paper and scratch your head about...

Charges dropped against Niagara Region cop accused of shooting fellow officer

On Nov. 29, 2018, Niagara Regional Police Det. Sgt. Shane Donovan, and NRP Const. Nathan Parker were investigating a motor vehicle collision in Pelham. There was an altercation between the two officers and Parker was shot at least five times, according to police sources.

Can you really shoot someone at least five times and not be charged?


There has not been a lot of noise about the teacher strike re pay raises for the teachers. So far it has always been about the students and what is being taken away from them.

The government called for mediation on November 18th but what I have read, the head of the teacher’s union turned it down. One would think this would lead to a quicker resolution.


On November 17th, it was reported that the CBC laid off 35 workers because of the flight of ad revenue to the likes of Google, Facebook and YouTube. As I understand it, I think the advertiser does not have to pay any sales tax, all the money leaves the country and little to none of the revenue is spent in Canada.

The Ontario Community Newspaper representatives met with government representatives at Queen’s Park a while back. As a newspaper owner, I was given some speaking points and asked to relay our message to various MPPs in prearranged meetings.

Our facts were that the government spent $13 million on advertising and promotions. $10,000,000 was spent on digital advertising while not much was spent in the print industry despite the statistics that showed 80% of the people still read newspapers. Newspapers are not closing down because people are not reading them, they are closing down because the spending dollar, the advertising revenue has been transferred to the internet.


In this politically correct society, I am not sure if I am wrong or if people are out of control. There is a pet cafe in China where they have taken their dogs, the Chow Chow breed, and died their hair so now they look like Panda Bears. Some guests think it kind of neat while others are horrified that the owner could treat the dogs like that. They think the dye could hurt the dogs.

A 2008 study done by Clairol found that 75 percent of American women dye their hair. They did not do a survey about dogs, but a search of the internet finds all kinds of suggestions on how to do it.


The future of the Elmvale Active Seniors Residence has some concrete plans and just needs the approval and assistance of the Springwater Council and the people of our community to get out of the starting blocks.

On Wednesday, December 4th, you are asked to go to the Springwater Council Meeting as a presentation will be made about their ten-acre project planned for the Elmvale area. The location and more will be announced. Your support will be appreciated.


Charles - have you purchased my Christmas present yet. A black hoodie which says I Love Canadian Gas and Oil will suffice. A picture of it will go into this paper!