Editor's Musings

As some of you are aware, I have been in and out of the hospital. Each time I go, something new seems to sprout up but the worse right now is a small fracture - a Grade 1 - each grade after this gets worse - of the spine. It was suggested that it may have been there for years but as of late, it is protesting. The doc suggested the way that it is broken, I probably fell backwards.

We have heard that our provincial government has spent a fortune on setting up some sort of an e-medical record system so that if I am in Northern Ontario or in some southern Ontario location, one could enter my health card number and find out what trips I have taken to the hospital, what bones I have broken, what pills I am taking, what x-rays I have had and so on.
After many years, we still have nothing...except a major waste of money.
In some areas, Barrie, the hospital and health clinics have instituted their own system I understand. If I go to any Sports Clinic, or any doctor, information is at their finger tips.
I went to Royal Vic the first time. I went to South Georgian Bay (Midland) the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. At the follow-up local doctor’s appointment, they knew nothing about my hospital visits to any place other than Barrie.
With no information, my appointment was a waste of time. I had to sign a release form for the medical staff to find out what had happened to me. And I was told that anytime I go to the hospital, I should pick Royal Vic the reason being, the health clinic gets a report.
I had a CT scan in Barrie. Three days later, in Midland, since they could not access my information, I had another CT Scan. The inability to share is costing the health system who knows how much money.
And if you wonder why I went to two different hospitals, the first was to Barrie in a car. The second time, I was in an ambulance and they are directed to go to the nearest facility.
My fourth visit to the hospital was on Tuesday August 1. I strongly hesitate on going to the emergency anywhere as I have heard those horror stories of hours and hours in the waiting room. ut I guess Tuesday evenings, August 1, are really SLOW NIGHTS.
I had started to cough, and my heart beat climbed to approximately 150 beats a minute and my blood pressure fell to extreme lows i.e. 90/71.
Within minutes of entering the hospital, they had me in a room taking blood tests and monitoring my vitals. As I laid there, over a period of 3 hours, my heart beat and blood pressure returned to normal.
Apparently, In layman’s terms, my coughing had triggered some safety mechanism causing a automatic emergency back up/recovery in my system and if I had laid peacefully at home, it would probably have solved itself.

This is all for this week Charles.