Editor's Musings

As for the closing of the TD Canada Trust branch in Elmvale, I was given a list (referenced to the closing of the Creemore TD Branch) of four people involved with the TD Bank i.e. Chairman of the Board, another the Group president and CEO of the TD Bank Group, the Executive Vice President Branch Banking which included their mailing address (snail mail as we call it today) and their e-mail address but unfortunately, not all the e-mail addresses worked..
I have contacted the TD head office asking that we might have an opportunity to express to someone in Toronto on the 15th floor of the TD Tower the hardships this would create for everyone including seniors, businesses and more. As of Tuesday morning, I have received two replies but not a list of contacts for your convenience.
Maybe...in two weeks!!!

I received a call from someone who was trying to get some defects in his new home cleared up through the New Home Warranty Program. He commented on how after six years it was to get any repairs done. First, a one year study was needed and the decision from the 17 directors who were accountable to no one, allowed them to write their own rules.  Is this common?

Some people are jumping up and down in glee since there is a chance of Amazon.com locating their first Canadian office in the Barrie area. There is all the talk about how many jobs could be created but some easy research will find how bricks and mortar stores are closing because of the online shopping putting numerous people out of work.
Not so long ago,we had a store on Bayfield St., Barrie named Staples. One of the employees at that time commented on the number of people that came and  shopped for various items, making the comparisons, concluding the plus and minuses and then went home and ordered it online. Staples has closed down.
Do we call Amazon.com, the wave of the future or do we try to preserve our stores and the employment they provide.

For years, the United States has interfered with many elections and tapped into the conversations of at least 35 world leaders. To now be so upset that Russia may have used their ability to tap into various United States networks is like calling the pot black. The US foreign policy is morally repugnant. But it is called global surveillance and all countries are involved in it.
One might think that fire walls in the computer system would keep people out.
So, on the same vein, how come some people do not think there should be a wall either around your country - or between United States and Mexico to keep illegals out. Most everyone is welcome in United States, just come the legal way.

Politically correct...supposedly, there are 63 genders. I was going to publish the list but it takes a lot of room. Now, people cannot be referred to as him or her but rather genderqueer,. Some would like to be referred to as they, them and their even when there is only one. Another reference in use is ze (ze smiled) and hir (I work with hir).  In the Kurdish language, they have a word “ew” which means he/she/it and it expands to ewan, which is the plural as in they. In the Hindi language, the word Vo is gender neutral. Another suggestion is genderfluid. Some people might suggest they are never going to change but  to make a reference more ambiguous started back in the 70s when Miss and Mrs became Ms.
There is a couple in Alberta who were refused a chance to adopt a child because they believe in the bible. Some things in the bible are not as gender neutral or politically correct as some would like to have it.
We have a Governor General Julie Payette who mocked people who reject the theory of human-influenced climate change along with those who hold other ideas she considers absurd such as believing in God. When people criticize her, our Prime Minister came to her defence by saying he applauded her position in support of science and truth. Is this a veiled attack on our churches?
The next Federal election is on October 21, 2019 so a lot can happen between now and then. I find it amazing that  our Prime Minister’s party has 36% of Canadian support versus the Conservatives 38%. Donald Trump has more support than that.

That’s  all this week Charles!!!!