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ANTEN MILLS NEWS by Dennis Gannon

We start this week’s column with some sad news.  Long time area resident, Murray Carson passed away peacefully on September 21.  Murray was in his 96th year and was still very active. It was only in the past several years that he gave up getting up early in the morning and driving his tractor into the village and clean out the snow that has accumulated overnight. He was a respected friend and neighbour to many. On behalf of the Anten Mills community, we wish the Carson family our most sincere sympathy.

One thing I believe most people have is respect for others and their property. That respect should extend as well to public property such as our parks and other facilities. This past weekend an individual on a motocross style motorcycle was observed driving around the community park. In an attempt to pop wheelies, it was noticed that this person would accelerate at a high speed and as a result, dug up the turf and the ball diamond screenings. While the operator was young, what was disturbing is that older adults watching apparently condoned and supported the activities. A total lack of respect for others property was evident. While the turf in the park may not be the greatest, it doesn’t give anyone the permission to damage it. As well the actions were dangerous as there were others in the park at the time and doing wheelies, while may be exciting, could have serious consequences if not controlled. Always remember that those who show respect, receive respect.

The Anten Mills CRA met recently and reviewed our past and upcoming events. As was reported in the last edition, the Halloween event was in need of a new coordinator. Fortunately Roslyn stepped forward and a Halloween party will take place at the Community Centre on Sunday, October 27 from 1PM to 4PM.  It will be at fun afternoon full of activities. Costume is of course a requirement for attendees along with a donation for the Food Bank. Check the Anten Mills Community Facebook page for more details. Keep the weekend of December 7 and 8 open for our Christmas in the Village activities. It’s not too early to start planning entries!  If you are interested in sponsoring any part of the weekend, be it a new ground display or any of the goodies bags or prizes we welcome your consideration. Please contact me directly to discuss these opportunities. The next meeting of the CRA is October 17 at 7:30 at the community centre. Thursday night euchre is in full swing starting at 7 PM in the hall. It’s a fun evening and remember to bring a donation for the Food Bank.

A huge congratulations is extended to Murray Deller who recently made his 200th blood donation. Donating blood is a truly selfless act and so easy to do and Murray has set an example to follow. There is a blood donor clinic in Elmvale on Saturday October 12. Think about donating if you can. That 30 minutes may say someone’s life. Murray, Marjan and daughter Melissa are pictured here with a copy of Springwater News, opened of course at this column, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

For those foodies who have a hankering for the Fry Guy take note. Matt informs me that Sunday October 20 will be last day to get your favourite food. Depending on the weather, they may open on the occasional day after that for lunch so don’t hesitate and get down there now and enjoy those tasty fries and the vista over the valley.

That’s all for this week. Send your announcements and stories to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Rural Intentionsa word from Craighurst by Lynette Mader  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Craighurst's favourite favourite and only retired train conductor Ambrose Cook shared some stories of his years working for CPR at the Craighurst Women's Institute meeting earlier this month.

Dave and I are fortunate to consider ourselves good friends and we've heard many fabulous stories over the years. One of my favourites, shared with the CWI ladies that night was the time when he accidentally set the caboose on fire while trying to thaw out some equipment with a flare.  The fire didn't start immediately and they were well on route before it was discovered, requiring an emergency stop. This misadventure didn't seem to hurt Ambrose's career.  For a variety of reasons, neither he nor his colleagues ever liked that caboose so they were plenty disappointed when it was fixed up and returned to them so perhaps that was punishment enough for having set a train on fire.

Trains and train stations, much like community halls, are vulnerable to modernization and building code requirements. So many have been torn down, but some of the old train stations have been saved and converted to community use. The Tourist Centre in Wiarton is an old train station that was moved to a new waterfront location by dedicated citizens.

A photo of the passenger waiting area and a conductor's uniform similar to what Ambrose might have worn are included here, along with a photo of Ambrose giving his presentation at the CWI meeting.

The Craighurst train station is long gone (along with the community hall and many other historic buildings) but the section house that accompanied the train station remains and is in great shape thanks to it's owners Ambrose and Marianna.

In other news, Dave and I had the good fortune to be able to reconnect with some former neighbours and friends who all share late September birthdays with me: warmest birthday wishes to our former neighbour Denise, her sister Linda Lee who celebrated a landmark birthday and Linda Lee's daughter Jennifer (of Loobies restaurant) who was born one day before her mom - all in the last week of September.  


Wyevale’s News 

Happy Birthday wishes to Amber Jolie, Sandy Rawn, Melanie Pauze, Donna Thachuk, Killian O’Connor, Cindy Hastings, Wendy & Austin Laurin, Teresa Archer, Monica Clause, Darlene Dubeau, Sandy Bumstead, Ben Moreau, Rick Drinkill, Audrey Sneddon, Adrienne Srigley, Sherry Johnson & Joanna O’Connor.

Bid euchre is on Friday afternoons at 1 p.m. in the church basement. Adults $2.50 with prizes & a light lunch. Winners from Sept. 20th were: 1st Kitty Burnett, 2nd Mark Brachen and 3rd Vern Beacock. Winners from Sept. 27th were: 1st Ken Dawe, 2nd Mary Reynolds and 3rd Marguerite Stone. All welcome.

U.C.W. meeting is on Thursday October 3rd at 7 p.m. in the church basement.

Thanksgiving Turkey dinner is on Sat. Oct. 12th with two sittings: 5 and 6:15 p.m. Tickets are available at Jug City Store. Adults: $18; Children 6-12 yrs. $9; under 5 yrs. free.  All those who able to help: Wed. Oct. 9th at 5 p.m. prepare turnip; Thurs. Oct. 10 at 9 a.m. prepare potatoes and vegetables; and Sat. Oct. 12 serving & helping for the turkey dinner. Anyone who would like to bake & bring in pies are always welcome. Enjoy another year with all your family and friends.

MacMillan Frozen Food orders are due by Nov. 5th. All brochures are at the church or from members.

Youth Group (students from Grade 2 & up) meet Friday nights from 7-9 p.m. in the church basement.

Anyone with news items for the paper, please call me and leave a message at 705.527.5274.


Craighurst Women’s Institute September Meeting

We started with our speaker, Ambrose Cook, talking on his career  with the CPR. As a young man  Ambrose went down to Union Station and asked for a job, and the CPR said fine you can be a sandman on a steam engine. Thirty-eight years later he retired.  Ambrose took us through the work of the sandman (fill the dome with sand so it can be dropped on the tracks for traction).  He was then promoted to  fireman on a steam engine.  Shovelling 5 tons of coal for a short run was part of that job!  He dealt with snow plowing the tracks, setting torpedoes 1000 yards back of a stopped train, working his way up the CPR ladder, and retiring to Craighurst.  He brought us into modern times, explaining that the switch for the siding and its heater in Craighurst is controlled from Calgary Alberta. 

We were pleased to host 30 people from the community to hear Ambrose.  After a break President Sheila Craig started the meeting with the Mary Stewart Collect. Roll Call, “Tell of a time you took the train”  was answered .   Minutes and Treasurer’s report followed. Members indicated if they were going to the WI Area Convention on October 3 in Midhurst.   We then got serious about preparing  for our October Meeting, where Craighurst W I will celebrate our 90th Anniversary.  Our branch began  at the home of Mrs Jim Readman, October 16, 1929, and have been going strong ever since.  A committee will take up the planning for the big event.  Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm.


Minesing Moments with Lorrie Norwood

Greetings neighbours and friends.  Our autumn is upon us and the trees are making their transition into the beautiful colours that mother nature creates each fall.  It’s my favourite time of year with the cool nights and shorter days, even the smell of the fires going makes me happy.  The shorter days don’t make me feel as guilty if I want to sneak off to bed early every now and then.

I know that other local articles include people’s names from their communities that are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or births.  I invite you to let me know if someone in your house is celebrating and if you would like to announce it, please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at 705-728-9784.  I will gladly place these items in our little section of news.

I have been reading some Facebook conversations recently and talking to folks from our local villages about the issues that are taking place at all hours of the early mornings.  It seems that there are teenagers who are out causing problems in the middle of the night.  Things like knocking mailboxes off their posts at private driveways and pushing over the general Canada Post boxes, and riding atv’s through private property. 

I am somewhat dumbfounded to think that this kind of thing and frequency of the same are going on. I’m not sure if you do, but I sure wonder where the parents of these kids are? 

Do you know where your kids are in the middle of the night?  This kind of behavior is not ok. 

Parents please have that talk with your young teenagers to let them know if they are caught causing damage to other people’s property, that is against the law.  This can create a criminal record for them if charges are laid.  These kids will need a job one day and this type of behavior can really detract a potential employer hiring them! 

I do remind people that if this type of behavior is taking place, to make that call to the OPP.

I have noticed a few voluntary paying pumpkin sales locations.  I had a conversation with my daughter and she was concerned that people wouldn’t pay.  I told her that I think most people are honest and I believe this to be true.  Having someone sit at the location would cut into their income so they are building these sites on trust and they agree that, in fact, most people are honest.   Time, money and energy goes into growing and harvesting vegetables and we are lucky enough to live in an area where we can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables right from the side of the road.  These stands are what help our farm families make a living so instead of buying your veggies at the big box stores, try to support our local farms stands. 

With Thanksgiving approaching it will be nice for family gatherings and meals of turkey with all of the fixings.  Please remember that there are those who are not as fortunate and if you are able to, please make a donation to the local food banks.  A little help goes a long way. 

Until next time, have a super day and keep smiling!


Hillsdale Highlights  •  Alissa Shanahan

Before I begin this edition’s highlights, I would like to wish my hubby Jason a very Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary! On this day – October 3rd, 2009 – we said our “I Do’s” and since then have had our share of ups and downs, but there is no one else I would rather share this ride with!

  • Save Station: There is now an AED Save Station attached to the outside of the hall (facing the ball diamond)! Now this life saving device is easily accessible to the whole community at any time, not locked inside the building. The Save Station is climate controlled, monitored 24/7, and takes pictures as soon as the door is opened. Additional signage is coming to show where it is located, and there will be free training for any interested person (more information to come). Thank you to the Township of Springwater for being the first community in all of Canada to undergo the initiative of putting these stations in all of its community hubs! *Please note: In the event that you need to access the defibrillator, you still MUST call 9-1-1 first, to alert emergency services!
  • Crosswalk Reminder: At the September meeting of the CRA, Mayor Don Allen provided an update about the crosswalk at Albert Street and Hwy 93. He has met with the Hon. Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation, to discuss the crosswalk, and present photos and letters from the residents of Hillsdale. In this ongoing plight to make this intersection safer, it is imperative that every citizen crossing Hwy 93 at Albert Street press the crosswalk button (even if there are no cars around!). There is a device counting how often the button is used, so to show how busy this crosswalk is, we must all ensure we are pressing the button for the crossing to be tracked.
  • Hillsdale Fundraiser: All of the tickets have been sold, and Hillsdale’s Music BINGO and Pasta Night is THIS Saturday at Orr Lake Golf Club. Good food, good friends, and good music will make for a wonderful night! See you there! 
  • Hillsdale Community Recreation Association (CRA): The Hillsdale CRA meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the hall at 7:00pm.  The next meeting is on Wednesday, October 23rd.  Come out to have your input heard about our community, and get involved as much (or as little!) as you wish!

The “Hillsdale Highlights” is a community news update, so please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any information you would like the community to know about! Follow the official Hillsdale Community Recreation Association on Facebook for details about upcoming events and social gatherings at “Hillsdale Community Group.”



GGG or Georgian Bay Gals Give are a group of women, grounded in a tradition of giving to our communities. We are motivated and committed to giving back and making a difference and want to contribute significantly to keep our communities strong and vibrant. 

So far since our inception as a group we have donated $97,000 to local charities in our community. Most recent recipients include GBGH(Georgian Bay General Hospital), GBCSC (Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre) and Huronia Hospice.

Our next giving event is on Monday October 21st from 5:30- 7pm at OAK Bay Golf Course in Port Severn. New members are most welcomed!

Anyone interested in more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website


Festival at Fort Willow

2714 Grenfel Rd, Utopia

Saturday 28 September 2019

It was a misty Saturday morning, rather unconducive to activity out-of-doors.  But the annual Festival at Fort Willow was a-happening – and so we went; my friends and I.  We drove to Grenfel Community Hall and took the free shuttle bus to Fort Willow.  When we stepped off the bus, we stepped back in time - into the early 1800s. 

We first encountered officers and enlisted men grooming their horses in an enclosure outside the palisade of the Fort (a palisade is a fence made from tree trunks).  Dressed in period costume, the re-enactors (over 70 in number) were extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in their roles.  Conversing with them, we truly did feel as if we were right there, 200 years ago. 

A blacksmith was hard at work at his forge and anvil.  D. Johnson, proprietor,  told us that the temperature of the metal, glowing orange, as he took it from the coals of the forge was 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (i.e. over 980 degrees Celsius)! 

The importance of the fur trade to the development of this region and to Canada as a nation was emphasized by a gentleman displaying an assemblage of pelts and goods available for exchange.   Here is part of his list entitled “Available Today for Trade on the One”

           1 Beaver as 2.25 lbs of sugar

           1 Beaver as 2 scissors

           1 Beaver as 20 fish hooks

           7 to 12 Beaver as one gun by the length

1 Beaver as 12 dozen (pewter) buttons

4 Beaver as the gallon brandy

There was so much to take in that I could not possibly retain all of it.  Nor can I do justice to the Festival with printed word and pictures; you really have to experience it for yourself.   That being said, there follows here a brief summary of the Fort’s history gleaned from pamphlets and online research. 

On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war with Britain over the ownership of what was known as Upper Canada (roughly the predecessor to modern Ontario). Later that summer, the United States defeated the Royal Navy in the Great Lakes.  

However, Britain did not give up.  Since the United States had gained control of the lower lakes, Britain took advantage of a route used for centuries by the First Nations, fur traders, missionaries and explorers to travel from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay. While traveling in the deep forest, the British army found a plateau near Willow Creek.  It served as a good vantage point to see what was going on in the surround wetlands, forests and rivers. 

In the winter of 1814, Britain sent two hundred men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and a small party of sailors to Willow Creek.  They made a long, arduous and daring journey, marching 300 miles from Kingston to Willow Creek.  At Willow Creek they created shelter and set up camp.  They made wooden boats, called ‘batteaux,’  loaded each of them with several tons of supplies and rowed them to the British garrison at Michilackinac Island (near modern day Sault Ste. Marie). The route was a vital link in the supply and communications chain connecting the British forces on the Upper and Lower Great Lakes.

After the war, use of the route continued and even reached its peak with supplies and troops moving west through Fort Willow to supply the new establishments at Penetanguishene and Drummond Island. Pioneer settlers passed this way, as did the explorers David Thompson and John Franklin.

My friends and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and would very much like to return next year.

Note:  The Festival of Fort Willow is hosted by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Springwater Township, the Friends of Fort Willow and the Barrie Rotary Club.

Written and photographed by Connie Smith


Update from Elmvale BIA

Many Ways to Give Back

There are numerous food drives and opportunities for businesses to give back to the community this Thanksgiving Season.   One such opportunity is through the “Fill a Ford Full of Food” initiative sponsored by Heart of Business and G & S Computers.  This annual drive takes place on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  This year on Thursday, October 10th, look for the “Fill a Ford” event outside Elmvale’s Foodland on Yonge Street. There are also several Elmvale Businesses that will have drop off bins in their location.  So many ways to give back this season. (Steelers is a “Drop Off Location!”)

Destination Elmvale

The Elmvale streets have been lined with bikes this summer as the town plays 

ELMVALE BIKE NIGHT -  raising  money for Simcoe County Down Syndrome.  

A perfect destination for a great group raising money for an important group in our region. Great to see so many new faces walking the town and enjoying what Elmvale has to offer.  Thursdays in the Summer (and now moving into Fall) you’ll see this group come together and raise funds for the Simcoe County Down Syndrome.  For more information visit-

Elmvale BIA Business Highlight

Darlene’s Hair Design, 19 Queen Street W, Elmvale ON


Springwater Libraries

Tech Thursdays

Free tech help at the library for computer questions, downloading new apps and e-books onto your device. Appointments are for 30 minutes on Thursdays between 5pm-7pm at Elmvale Branch. Please call to make an appointment.

Lego Coding Club

Ages 6-10 will learn how to code for movement, make a sound or flash colours.  This program is limited to 8 participants so be sure to sign up soon!  There is no cost for this program.  Thursdays September 26?, October 3 & 10 from 3:45pm-4:30pm at Minesing Branch.

Dogs and Puppies with Barrie Kennel Club!

Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club and their cute and loveable dogs and puppies are here at this family event making a simple craft and meeting puppies! Saturday October 5, 1pm at Elmvale Branch or to the Tuesday October 22, 5:30 pm at Minesing Branch, registration required.

Community Outreach

The library is bigger than just our branch buildings!  Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12, Elmvale Fall Fair at the Elmvale Arena – CEO Jodie Delgado or various library board members will be on hand to give out some free gifts and answer any questions you may have about the library.

Botanical Pumpkin

Kick start your fall decorating with these creative pumpkins!  Tuesday October 8, 6pm at Elmvale Branch.  Cost $10.

Firefighter Storytime

Come see the big red truck and meet some local Springwater Firefighters!  Sparky will also be on hand for pictures.  Tuesday October 8, 10:30am Midhurst Branch.  Registration required.

Drawing Cartoon Characters

James Arges is a local artist/teacher offering this program for ages 8+, all skill levels: Tuesdays October 8-29, 6:30pm-8pm at Midhurst Branch.  Cost $60.  Registration is required.  Please see our website for what materials you will need to bring.

EarlyON Wonderplay

We’ve got scarves, balls, parachutes and bubbles for your child aged 0-12 months.  Thursdays October 10-31, 1:30pm-3:30pm at Elmvale Branch.  Registration is required – please call (705) 526-2456.

Clay Pot Scarecrow

Ages 6+ come out to the library and make this fun fall decoration!  Tuesday October 15, 3:45pm at Minesing Branch.  Cost $2 or Saturday October 19, 1pm at Elmvale Branch.  Cost $2.  Registration is required to ensure adequate supplies.

Mom & Daughter Craft Club

Ages 9+ are invited to join our NEW monthly craft club.  We will be using our new cricut machine and other crafting tools.  Thursdays October 17, November 21 from 6pm-7pm at Midhurst Branch.  Registration required.

The Kids are in bed Parenting Club

An inclusive group to meet other parents in your community, chat about the highs and lows of being a parent in adult conversation.  Come meet your community!  Thursday October 17, 7:30pm-8:30pm Midhurst Branch.

­­­­Georgian Bay Reads

We are so PROUD to be the official host of this year’s Georgian Bay Reads event!  Five area libraries are each defending a Canadian book they feel passionate about – may the best library win!  (Springwater Public Library won the Reader’s Choice award last year).  Saturday October 19, 7pm-9pm at Elmvale Community Hall.  Tickets are FREE but be sure to get yours soon!

Kids Ukulele Class

Ages 10+ learn how to play the ukulele with teacher, Rina (20 years of experience singing, performing and teaching).  Students please bring your own ukulele – Kala recommended.  Mondays starting October 21-December 9, 4:15pm at Midhurst Branch.  Cost $115 (10% of cost donated to the library).  Registration is required.

Dyslexia Seminar

Alicia Smith and her son, Marcus will be sharing their own personal journey with being dyslexic.  Alicia is the President-Elect of the Ontario Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  Thursday October 24, 6pm-7:30pm at Midhurst Branch.  Registration required.

Scarecrow Hat Decoration

Jazz up your home in high style with this decorative hat wreath.  Friday October 25, 7pm at Minesing Branch.  Cost $10.

St John Ambulance Home Alone & Babysitting Course

Babysitting Course: 9am-5pm, ages 11-15, cost $65.  Bring a doll/teddy bear, lunch and a drink.  Home Alone: 9am-12noon, ages 10+, cost $45.  Bring a snack and a drink.  Saturday October 26 at Elmvale Branch.  Registration/payment is required.


Georgian Bay Reads Promises an Evening of Fun and Laughter

Join your local libraries for an evening of fun and laughter as their grand defenders fight for the right to say they are Georgian Bay Reads Champion. The grand battle takes place at the Elmvale Community Hall on Sat. Oct. 19, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Each defender has chosen a Canadian book which they will passionately defend to the audience’s delight.

The defenders and local authors are:

Clearview Public Library: Lesley Martel, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act by Bob Joseph

Collingwood Public Library: Alexandra Robinson, This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki

Meaford Public Library: Jack Pledger, The Luminous Sea by Melissa Barbeau

Springwater Public Library: Katherine Wallis, The Home For Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman

Wasaga Beach Public Library: Melanie Case, Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson

Moderator: Leslie Ransome, the winner of the 2017 Georgian Bay Reads

During the four rounds of the event, each author/defender answers questions regarding their chosen book, critiques the others, and sets up alliances to determine which book stays, and which book goes. Witticisms and wisecracks fly as each defender attempts to prove why their book is the best. The audience also gets into the fight by voting for the “People’s Choice” award during the intermission.

"If you have not yet attended Georgian Bay Reads, it is a great way to spend an evening." says Jodie Delgado, CEO of Springwater Public Library. “It showcases modern Canadian literature, is a great partnership among local libraries, and is lots of fun. Springwater Public Library is very excited to host for the first time ever.”

Tickets are limited and required, and are available at the participating libraries. Grab your free ticket early as you do not want to miss this fun filled event. Refreshments will also be served.

ASL Interpretation will be provided by Deaf Access Simcoe Muskoka. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request interpretation services.

Which Library will be crowned champion?

Georgian Bay Reads

Sat. Oct. 19 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Elmvale Community Hall

33 Queen St. W., Elmvale ON

Please contact for more information:

Jodie Player Delgado, CEO Springwater Public Library

(705) 728-4784 ext. 2065

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


EDGE, Elmvale & District Horticultural Society would like to thank all the wonderful sponsors of the Bloomzin Elmvale hanging flower basket project.

We could not have done this without you.

In Memoriam

In memory of James Graham & Gordon Craggs from June Craggs, In memory of Vern Owen, Sherry White & Sheena Owen from Sandy Owen, In memory of Ferg & Roxie Rowat, Watt & Maude Draper, Lloyd & Jean Knight, Dorothy Draper & Mossie from Joe & Brenda Watt, In memory of the Jones family from Patsy Graham & Donne Jones, In memory of Larry Clement from Mae Clement & Family, In memory of Ken Maclean from Gwen Maclean, In memory of Wendell & Glenn Downey from Mary Downey & Family, In memory of Eunice Rowat from Barbara & Lealand Rowat, In memory of Loved Ones from Bernice Trace, In memory of Lorne Birch from Barbara Birch & Family, In memory of Harold & Doris Bumstead from Kathie Bumstead, In memory of Gilbert Moreau from Diane Moreau & Family, In memory of Selena & Bob Burnett, Molly & Jim Stone from Mike & Fay Stone, In memory of Elsie Morris from the Peca Family, In memory of Jack & Mary Whitfield & Anton Nasr from Whitfield Guardian Pharmacy, In memory of Jindra Rutherford from Anita Chiasson, In memory of Ken & Marie Knox from John & Karen Hubbard & Family, In memory of Marg O’Neill from Gary Kennington, In memory of Kevin Healey from Yvonne Healey & Family, In memory of Frank Klein-Gebbnick from Gerry Klein-Gebbnick & Family, In memory of Tim & Gladys Bate from the Bate Family, In memory of Harold & Minerva Madill, Ambrose & Barb O’Neill from Bev & Ed O’Neill & Family, In memory of Vi & Lorne Rance from the Rance Family, In memory of Don & Flora Kenwell from Donna Kenwell, In memory of Pat & Mary O`Neill from Rosemary & Peter Balcom, In memory of Edna Taylor, Bill Taylor, Elva Gillespie & Jack Gillespie from Sharon, John, Amber, Stephen & Cole Hickling, Sandi, Taylor & Cooper Chapman & Stacey Taylor and In memory of John Brown.


Solly Family Dentistry, Glueckler Metal Inc., GVS Sheet Metal, Madriver Electric Inc., Noble Insurance, Advantage Homes Corp., Healing Hands, Chidiac Animal Hospital, DLG Farm Drainage, Robert Ritchie Forest Products, Elmvale Foodland, Temolder Farms, Steelers Restaurant & Pub, HGR Graham Partners LLP, Jack’s on Queen & Tag Painting, Springwater News, G&S Computer Services.


Elmvale & District Lions Club, North Simcoe Junior Farmers, Flos Agricultural Society, Elmvale Lioness Club, Elmvale Senior Citizens Sunshine Club, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 262, Centre Flos Women’s Institute.


Evan Nicholls, Dianne & George Godsmark, George & Gloria Woods, Ron & Linda French, Lois & Paul Bertram.

Thank you to the Township of Springwater Staff and Springwater Garden Center.


Elmvale Active Seniors Residence

The closing of one door is the opening of the next!

We have all heard that expression before. In the case of the Elmvale Active Seniors Residence group, it has been the opening of several new doors!

In the last mass email or posted letter to you, we informed you that we had abandoned our attempt to acquire the property behind Tim Horton’s due to what appears to be very unfavourable soil conditions that lie beneath the visually attractive surface. Based on the information which was provided to us, our plan to construct a multi-story building, with underground parking, would not be possible unless we spent massive amounts of money to ensure that the building was stable and safe. Therefore, we allowed the “Purchase and Sale Agreement” to expire.

We had nine sites on our list of potential building locations, some with different configurations or options and all with varying degrees of positive and negative attributes. We met several times during the summer months as we re-opened our investigation into some of the sites that were high on our original list. We have explored some of our options and have corresponded with or met with stakeholders in some of those properties. To date, we have not secured a building site, but we continue to work hard “behind the scenes”. We want to ensure that our research is based on factual information and empirical evidence. This requires engaging the services of experienced and knowledgeable professional consultants. We will need to conduct Geotechnical and Soils Investigations, Stormwater Management Analysis, Traffic Analysis, Land Use Approvals, Site Plan Approvals and a host of other studies to ensure that our Seniors Residence is suitably located. All of this has to be completed before construction can begin! Keeping all of these studies moving forward and on track requires the services of an experienced co-ordinator.

We are very pleased to announce that we have contracted with Mr. Sid Tjeerdsma to provide Project Management Services for the Elmvale Active Seniors Residence team. Sid has been with us in an advisory capacity since our inception. Sid has his family roots in the Elmvale area and attended Elmvale District High School. After graduating from University, he had a very successful career in Civil Engineering. In 1997, he became the first Project Manager for the not-for-profit Simcoe County Christian Senior Home Inc., commonly known as Tollendale Village, in Barrie. As Project Manager, he was instrumental in the construction of the four residential campuses. He became the Project Manager for the construction of the Mill Creek Care Centre, a licensed long-term care facility, which completed the final phase of the Barrie Tollendale Village. Sid is currently also providing Project Manager Services for a new Tollendale Seniors Retirement Campus in Innisfil. His wealth of knowledge and experience will be invaluable!

More doors have been opened!

We have followed Internet links and have embarked on a few excursions to learn more about recent trends in the building industry, particularly as they apply to Retirement Homes. We have been investigating such things as: Net Zero Energy Use, Passive House Construction, LEED Certification, Environmental Sustainability, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), among others.

We have listened to presentations, visited offices and toured a construction site during the past few weeks. The accompanying photo shows Project Manager Sid and EASR Chairman Sam at a construction site in the Markham area as the team members gained some more practical information about ICF uses.

These are exciting new concepts for our team, but familiar to Sid because of his experience. In the next few mass emails to you, we will be sharing some of these concepts with you. We look forward to explaining some of our new knowledge to you!

Even though we have abandoned the purchase of one property, the directors and advisors, Sam Langman, Dan McLean, Craig Beacock, Rosemary Johnston, Doug Jackson, Ken Rounds and our Project Manager, Sid Tjeerdsma, all want to ensure that our Elmvale community seniors housing initiative moves forward. We are all approachable and eager to talk with you or meet with you. You can also get in touch with us at our email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A condensed version of this email or letter will appear in a future edition of the Springwater News, but we wanted to “break the news” with you first, since you have already demonstrated an interest in our project. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope that you continue to share our enthusiasm for this important community initiative!

Sincerely, Elmvale Active Seniors Residence- Doug Jackson,  Communications Liaison