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Hillsdale Highlights  Alissa Shanahan

  • Update – Albert Street East Road Work: The Township sent a letter to homes on Albert Street East, informing that construction will commence the week of August 6th, and last until November 2nd.  There is considerable work to be done, including removal of asphalt, driveways, culverts and some trees, the installation of a storm sewer system and new watermain, and then reconstructing the road with asphalt, curbs and sidewalks. Currently, Oza Inspections is circulating the area, taking exterior and interior photos of each house in case of damage during construction (residents need to make an appointment with Oza for the interior photos; they assured me it will take less than an hour).  The road will be closed during these months, only accessible by homeowners.  The Township has asked that everyone proceed with caution and obey all construction signage and personnel.  Should you have any questions, please call the Director of Public Works, Heather Coleman, at 705-728-4784 ext. 2051.
  • End of Summer Extravaganza: Due to an incredibly busy summer for the members of the Hillsdale CRA, the annual End of Summer Extravaganza is not being held this year. Our next event will be our annual tree lighting at the beginning of December!
  • Municipal Elections 2018:  Voting day for the Ontario municipal elections is October 22nd.  During the next two months, I hope everyone takes the time to research the candidates for Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Ward Councillor and school board trustee.  The Township will also be rolling out voting information such as advanced polling, polling stations, and online voting options.  Congratulations to Perry Ritchie, who is the acclaimed Ward 2 Councillor for another term!  These elections are most important to residents, as it is our municipality that oversees our day-to-day living.  Since this article is written by me and holds only my opinion, I am pleased to announce my endorsement for mayor, Don Allen.  Don is the current Deputy Mayor, and has a wonderful vision in driving us forward.  You can visit Don’s website ( for his list of credentials and endorsements – of which there are many! – so I won’t list them here.  What I will do is tell you why this Hillsdale resident is voting for Don.  Don and his wife Wanda are at every Hillsdale event.  And I don’t mean popping in for the sake of making an appearance, I mean they are there from set up to clean up, helping the volunteers run the event.  When we were renovating the hall a few years ago, you could find Wanda scrubbing cupboards or windows and Don painting wall after wall. They literally gave their time and sweat to that hall!  They also attend the monthly CRA meetings, offering support, guidance and valuable insight.  Hillsdale residents are quick to recognize when the Allen’s and their infectious smiles are in town!  I have never met a more down-to-earth, approachable and caring individual than Don, and it is he who I want representing me on Council.  I encourage everyone to become politically informed and vote in this election.
  • Hillsdale Community Recreation Association (CRA): The Hillsdale CRA meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the hall at 7:00pm.  The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 22nd.  Come out to have your input heard about our community, and get involved as much (or as little!) as you wish!
  • Please Note: There will be no “Hillsdale Highlights” in the next issue of the Springwater News, as my husband and I are taking our kids to Disney World!

The “Hillsdale Highlights” is a community news update, so please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any information you would like the community to know about! Follow the official Hillsdale Community Recreation Association on Facebook for details about upcoming events and social gatherings at “Hillsdale Community Group.”


Time for Self

How much time do you spend talking on the telephone to someone you'd rather not be talking to? How often do you visit with people that you really don't like spending time with? My clients frequently comment about how little time they have to themselves and bemoan the fact that they have many obligations to others. This is a typical complaint in our society, because we have been trained to care what others think. We worry that others may speak badly of us if we don't behave as they'd like us to. However, constantly responding to others when our own needs go unfulfilled may attribute to poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety, irritability and resentment. Certainly responding to others in our lives is a positive value but consider how things have changed over the years.

 In the old days, it was not uncommon for neighboring farm families to lend a hand to one another. Perhaps once in a while you'd help out at the church too. Now, you must contend with your parents, your in-laws, the soccer team, the skating association, the parent/teacher group, the cubs or brownies, the sorority, the community league, fundraising for various causes and perhaps sitting on a board or two. (I forgot to mention the full-time work commitment and maybe some overtime.) Your most effective survival skill may be the ability to effectively use the word, "NO." The ability to say "yes" only when we truly mean it is the flip side of this skill. Your time is a precious commodity, and you must allocate it carefully. Even if time is not the issue for you, it is still important to stop making yourself do things that you do not want to be doing. If someone calls for an hour-long chat when you are busy, simply tell him or her you only have a few minutes. If someone makes repeated demands on your time, it is better to tell them that you are not going to have as much time for them as they would like, than to hold simmering resentment If friends or relatives act as though you owe it to them to be there when they want you, it is time to take yourself back.

 No one owns another human being. Parents definitely have the right to set guidelines and assign jobs to their children. However, that kind of power ends when the children are grown and gone to live on their own. Friends may naturally choose to support one another, but support cannot be an obligation. No one should be mad at you if you decide to do something that you want, rather than spend time with them. To do so is to invoke guilt, in an attempt to control you. When this happens, you are no longer free to be yourself in the relationship, and the joy and spontaneity are gone. Further, when you respond out of guilt and duty, you begin to lose touch with your own feelings. Think how wonderful it is when someone surprises you with a card or gift for no particular reason, except their desire to show appreciation for your role in their lives. How special it is when you know it is not because it's their "turn", or because they expect you to do the same. There is so much to see and appreciate in this lifetime. There are sunsets to watch, flowers to smell and loved ones to hug. Make these kinds of things a priority, even if it means others have to wait.

 Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.  For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books, cds or MP3's, visit Follow Gwen on FaceBook for daily inspiration. 


Tiny's New Youth Drop-In Program

In April of this year, the Township of Tiny was successful in receiving funding through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund for Tiny Teens – On the Go to Healthy Active Living. The Total Project budget is $43,418.00 with provincial funding totalling $33,687.00.  The Township is using this grant to develop a new Youth Drop-In Program; this is a great opportunity for youth not only in Tiny, but for all of North Simcoe.

According to a 2015 report from the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit, only 1 in 4 youth are meeting the 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity daily physical activity guideline. Each session will introduce a different active experience that will promote physical activity and healthy choices in a social and safe environment. Youth will be able to “try-on” different activities and may even discover a new interest.

Tiny’s Youth Drop-In Program is for youth aged 12-18 and will take place every Thursday night during the summer and every other Thursday night in the fall and winter months. The program runs from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and dinner is provided each activity night.

To break financial barriers and rural transportation challenges, free transportation to most off-site activities (Bowling, Curling, Skiing/Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Gymnastics, Hip Hop, Water Polo) will be provided to families who require the service.

With an ever increasing lack of physical activity and in-person social interaction, the Youth Drop-In Program aims to provide safe, social, affordable and accessible opportunities that bring youth together and encourage an inactive population to become active.

For more information, or to register, go to or contact the Youth Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (705) 526-4204 ext. 288.


Minesing Moments w/Lorrie Norwood • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 728-9784

Minesing's Annual Labour Day Ball Tournament is just around the corner!  We are looking for volunteers to help set up/clean up and run events throughout the weekend.  If available, please contact Wanda at 705-725-6517.  

Interested in sponsorship for this year's tournament?  Contact Alisha at 705-309-7740 to learn more about placing an ad in our brochure or on the shuttle bus!  

Minesing United Church is hosting Vacation Bible Camp, Monday August 13 to Friday August 17 from 9 am to noon for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6. The cost is $35 for the first child and $30 for additional siblings. Registration takes place at 8:30 to 9 am on Monday August 13th. Please leave a message at the church 705 737-5322 with your name and phone number to secure a spot.

In July I travelled to Ireland with three friends, Shannon Priest, Mary Sweet and Erin Hetherington for two weeks.  Wow, what a trip!  If I can say anything about our experience it is that the people of Ireland are extremely welcoming, kind and happy folks.  I thought that Canada was the happy, welcoming country but after experiencing invites to stay with people we had just met at their home in another area and people buying us drinks because we are vacationing there, I have to say the Irish we ran into were amazing!  The country is beautiful and the views are amazing.  I was snapping pictures like crazy hoping to capture as much as I could of the stone walls, narrow covered roadways, the countryside and the ruins throughout our tour.  If you are thinking of taking a trip, I would highly recommend Ireland and go for as long as possible because our two weeks still wasn't enough!  Perhaps a return trip will be in the works for the future! 

Further to my previous article wherein it was mentioned about the local family, the Miller Family, Brenden and Mary Lou, who sadly lost their home to fire on June 17th, I wanted to ensure that people were provided with the information to donate.  An account was created at the TD Bank at 534 Bayfield Street in Barrie, called "The Miller Family".  It is Branch 20782 004, Account # 0220 5262876.  Or you can contact any of the following folks to donate: Henry VanderWielen, Ross Downey, Dan Adams, June Price or Gerri Priest.  All donations are truly appreciated

Corn season is here!  The local farms have their stands set up to sell their produce.  We've got many options in our area, Brown's in Craighurst, Hewitts have a few stands set up around on Hwy 27 coming out of Barrie and at Bradford Greenhouses, but MY favourite corn place is the Harris Farm right on George Johnston Road. It is the most convenient location to my home and this year they have a freezer option for meat.  What a fantastic idea!  Such a handy option for those last minute barbecues.  You can stop by and pick up the fixin's for a whole meal there, some corn, other fresh vegetables, meat and butter tarts!  Have you tried their butter tarts?  If not, I highly recommend a stop at their location to try them out.

Until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool.  Drive safe and remember, water on the water, beer on the pier!  



The weekend of August 11-13 will be a great time for heading out of town to the great outdoors, especially at night. This is the weekend of the annual Perseid meteor shower and during the peak nights of Aug 11/12 and Aug 12/13; more than 100 meteors (shooting stars) can be seen per hour. 

The shower is the result of Earth encountering the gritty debris of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. These meteors will strike the atmosphere at around 60 km/sec and cause long streaks which completely vapourize. The average particle size is that of large sand grain but some small pea gravel size meteors can cause bright fireballs that light up the sky and ground. 

It is best to head out of town to enjoy the dark skies with the beautiful Milky Way stretching from the south and continuing overhead. The planet Saturn is immersed in the band of star above the constellation Sagittarius. Find a wide open area and bring a lawn chair, snacks and bug spray but respect trespassing on private property and fields. The planet Mars will keep you company all night long as it low in the south east as the sky darkens. New Moon occurs on the 11th so it will not wash out the sky with its brilliance like other years. 

Clear skies, 

Gary Boyle  The Backyard Astronomer  613-851-6566 

Known as “The Backyard Astronomer”, Gary Boyle is an astronomy educator, guest speaker and monthly columnist for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. He has been interviewed on Canadian radio stations and local Ottawa TV. He is now honoured with renaming of Asteroid (22406) Garyboyle. Follow him on Twitter:

@astroeducator or


Do You Want to Build a Robot?

Attention youth ages 8-18

Creemore, Ont.: On August 20, at 6-8 p.m., robotics teams from around Simcoe County will be having an open house to showcase their teams at the Station on the Green in Creemore to recruit new members. Teams in attendance will include the Cybergirls Vex Robotics teams, Cybergnomes FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team and Vex teams, and the Javawockies FIRST Robotics team. This event, hosted by Simcoe STEM, will also provide assistance to anyone aged six and up looking to start their own "kitchen table" competitive robotics team, whether it be FIRST Lego League (FLL) or Vex IQ.

Competitive robotics is an ideal way for youth (boys and girls) who love to build, tinker and explore to learn skills and techniques, meet new friends and challenge themselves.  The programs represented at this event all endeavor to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to kids and teenagers. The hands-on aspect of the programs encourages the team members to get involved, tinker, and try out new things. People attending the open house will get the opportunity to drive robots, view game pieces and pictures from past competitions, learn about what each program involves, and meet the teams.

About Simcoe STEM: Simcoe STEM supports youth robotics programs across Simcoe County and encourages youth to get involved in STEM from a young age. Simcoe STEM works toward engaging students through competitions, increasing the number of students looking toward careers in STEM, and building connections between youth, industry, and educators. Simcoe STEM provides support for the local teams, including training for technical skills helpful to the teams, and supporting local events.


2018 Annual Township of Tiny Community Barbecue

(TINY, ON) The Township of Tiny held its annual Community Barbecue on Saturday July 21, 2018, at Perkinsfield Park and celebrated all things “Grown in Tiny”. Festivities ran from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and featured local farmers, artisans, music, a fun zone, informative booths and community groups. The event also provided an opportunity for residents to embrace Tiny’s rich agricultural roots by showcasing pork, egg, grain and dairy producers.  

Over 35 vendors participated in the event providing attendees an opportunity to browse and purchase local produce, preserves, baked goods, art and made-in-Tiny treasures.  Approximately 1,500 Tiny residents enjoyed refreshments and a complimentary BBQ sponsored by Mueller’s Fine Foods. 

Kids of all ages enjoyed the Fun Zone that included pony rides, face painting, petting zoo, inflatable obstacle course and more! The North Simcoe Boys & Girls Club, Scientists in School and the Penetanguishene Library all offered a variety of fun activities.  

Tiny’s Environmental Stewards invited residents to tour the new Perkinsfield Community Gardens and learn more about the Local Food Project, an initiative to teach people the importance of eating local and help make local food more accessible for the community.  

A special addition to this year’s BBQ was Simcoe County’s Grow Your Green Bin Program. The program featured a 30 foot tall inflatable green bin, the Mobile Education Unit, an information booth and family games. 

An energetic musical line-up, featuring ‘Tiny Grown’ Ariko and DJ Lovewell, kept everyone tapping their toes!  To view moments from Tiny’s 2018 Community Barbecue, please click on the following link 2018 Annual Community Barbecue.

Each year, Council dedicates resources to special community events in order to engage Tiny residents. Council’s goal is to build civic engagement and community pride.


Gospel in the Park

It was a lovely, warm evening on Sunday July 29, 2018, when a crowd gathered in Heritage Park right here in Elmvale for Gospel in the Park. Some brought their own lawn chairs, others made use of the picnic tables and benches provided by the Park.

After enjoying BBQ’d hamburgers or hotdogs, ice cream bars and a beverage, we were entertained by three different choirs. The Coventry Singers came to us from Barrie and sang contemporary praise songs.  The Community Gospel Chorus, an ad hoc group who love to sing, gather yearly just for this event. Our own Ruth Currie accompanied this choir while doing her impersonation of  KD Lang.  Double Treble from St. John’s United Church performed several pieces under the leadership of Karen Parnell and accompanied by Bob Bruer.

We extend our appreciation to all three choirs and their leaders for providing the Gospel music. We also are indebted to Jeff Moulden who skillfully provided and monitored the sound system, which many listeners found to be much improved from last year

And finally, we thank all those who carried on the tradition of The Passing of The Hat. Because of your generosity, we will be sending a cheque for $725 to support the work of the RVH Child and Youth Mental Health Services.  THANK YOU!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS  -  your next opportunity to participate in this tradition of community generosity will occur on Saturday, September 1, 2018, when we will gather  for an ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ and CORN ROAST.  This will happen at the Elmvale Presbyterian Church from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for a cost of $10 per person. The proceeds from this event will support projects in the Elmvale Community. See you there!


A Grandmother's Love

The church service began as usual. The grandmother was up at the altar assisting the pastor. It was the usual duty of helping with the order of service. At one point, the grandmother noticed that her three year old granddaughter began to cry, and who desperately wanted to be with her.

One could see the grandmother's longing to go and ease her granddaughter's plight, but the thought of leaving her post and disrupting the order of service, was unheard of. She continued serving the pastor until she could no longer stand her granddaughter's longing eyes to be with her grandmother. The thought of "what will the people think if I do this" or better yet, "what will the pastor think of me, if I do this," flashed through her mind. But the love for her grandchild propelled her to leave the altar, walk towards her granddaughter, pick her up and walk back to the altar to resume her duties with babe in arms. The grandmother never saw what the congregation's reaction was; her eyes were on the child, who was now satisfied, cradled in love.

1 Corinthians 13:1-7-If I had the gift of being able to speak in other languages without learning them and could speak in every language there is in all of heaven and earth, but didn't love others, I would only be making noise. If I had the gift of prophecy and knew all about what is going to happen in the future, knew everything about everything, but didn't love others, what good would it do? Even if I had the gift of faith so that I could speak to a mountain and make it move, I would still be worth nothing at all without love. If I gave everything I have to poor people, and if I were burned alive for preaching the Gospel but didn't love others, it would be of no value whatever. Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong. It is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out. If you love someone, you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground in defending him. (TLB)

I had forgotten about this incident until recently when a long time parishioner brought it up during a conversation. She was so impressed with the loving way that the grandmother responded to a child's yearning so many years ago. You see, I was the grandmother, whose love for her granddaughter was willing to go above and beyond of "how we should behave" in a church. My granddaughter, now almost eighteen years old, doesn't remember the incident, but to one member of the church, this moment of love is forever etched in her mind.

Prayer: Prayer: Lord God, thank You for Your Son, Jesus, Who is the epitome of Your love for us. Help us to be examples of God’s love in word and deed, regardless of what others may think and do. Help us to be strong when confronted with derision. Amen.

Rosemary Hagedorn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Penetanguishene


Wyevale News with Ruth Ann Caston

Happy birthday wishes go out to Levi Campbell, Ross Leonard, Murray Archer, Dana Jacobs, Marion Locke, Erin Archer, Rosalyn Dunsford, James Small, Nicole Stott and Scott Marley.

There will be a community corn roast & get together on Friday August 17, 6:30-9:30 p.m. in the church centre. Live music provided by the Five Country. All ages are invited for dancing, children’s activities. It is all free. Donations accepted for the Food Bank. Come one, come all!

The next UCW meeting is on Thursday September 6th at 7  p.m in the church basement. All are welcome, including the men!

Fund raisers for the church is the Vasey Seed Fall Campaign. Catalogues are available from any church member. Orders to be in by September 15th. Also, a MacMillan Food Fund raiser and catalogues are available in October, included muffins, cookies, appetizers, and frozen foods. Orders due by Friday November 9.

Our minister Kathy Greidanus is retiring and not a stranger to us, Rev. Hoon Kim we be returning with services starting in September.

Last but not least, birthday calendars are in the making for 2019. Cost will be $2 per name, business sponsorship and community help. Get your whole family members’ names added. Hopefully you all will help.

Anyone with news items for the paper, please call and leave a message 527.5274.


CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition  August 17 – 19, 2018 

Midhurst Ambassador Robyn Handy Have High Hopes for the CNE’s 47th Annual Ambassadors of the Fairs Competition

  • The Ambassador of the Fairs competition is a longstanding tradition at the CNE (47th year) that aims to promote, educate and celebrate Canadian agriculture while bridging the gap between rural and urban communities. 
  • The competition shines a spotlight on the importance of agricultural society and the next generation of young ambassadors who are proud to uphold the traditions of rural life and farming in Ontario. 
  • The CNE continues to uphold its agricultural roots (started as an agricultural fair) while educating and offering engaging programing and interactive exhibits showcasing trends in urban agriculture.  The CNE is one of the Top 10 agricultural fairs in North America
  • The CNE’s Ambassadors of the Fairs competition began in 1971
  • More than 3000 contestants, both male and female, have participated from over 100 communities across Ontario since its conception.
  • Individuals must have first won the Ambassador competition at their local fair to be eligible to compete at the CNE.
  • Contestants may only compete once at the CNE.
  • The yearlong title takes the winner throughout the province as a representative of the CNE and all agricultural fairs.
  • Contestants are judged on everything from her knowledge of 'The Ex', agriculture, poise, personality and the overall impression during the three-day competition.  Finals will take place this year on Sunday, August 19 in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre during the CNE.


Georgian implements high tech parking improvements at the Barrie Campus

On your next visit to Georgian’s Barrie Campus you’ll be able to pay for parking on your phone.

Georgian is implementing parking improvements at the campus to improve the customer experience. Beginning Aug. 1, all parking lot gates will be removed and the college will roll out a new licence plate recognition system.

The new system will eliminate lineups at exit and provide a more efficient, safe, and user friendly method to purchase hourly or daily parking passes via Honk Mobile (by phone or kiosk) or at a pay-by-plate machine.

A key change for visitors to the campus is that parking should be paid upon arrival, rather than when leaving. If you don’t want to pay via your phone, there will be pay-by-plate machines and Honk Mobile kiosks in select college buildings including:

Sadlon Centre for Health, Wellness and Sciences (M building)

Automotive Business School of Canada (H building)

University Partnership Centre (K building)

Student Life Centre (J building)

Honk Mobile, a pay-by-phone parking app, can be used for hourly and daily parking in all the lots. The app is available for all iPhone and Android devices, as well as all internet-enabled PCs. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you've downloaded the app, just follow the instructions. The process is quick, easy and secure.

As a bonus feature, Honk Mobile will send you a text message 15 minutes before your hourly or daily parking expires. You can top up your time on the mobile app from anywhere on campus.

Cash meters will still be available in some lots for a limited time but they will be removed during the next year. More information on parking at Georgian can be found online.


Rural Intentionsa word from Craighurst by Lynette Mader  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I received a notice from the County regarding what I can only assume was the Township's proposed amendment to the official plan to allow a Tim Horton's in Craighurst to be built on septic.  The notice said that because there had been no appeal, the amendment was approved. A few other local residents were also copied on it and I presume we received the notification because we had submitted written comments. 

I am nonplussed by the County approval because, from the outside looking in, it has always seemed like the County approves everything. But I think this is precedent setting because it shows that if a planning rule is inconvenient, the Township and County can simply change the rule.  And if they are willing to do this for one individual, then it is only fair that any other individual who wants to do something that doesn't conform with planning rules should be given equal consideration. And if no one launches an official appeal, well then Bob's your uncle: you should have your severance, your pool, your drive shed, your commercial business on septic or whatever potentially non-conforming idea your heart desires. A precedent has been set that can and should apply in equal consideration to any other application.

There was only a moderate amount of provincial oversight in the previous government and the new government seems more focused on jobs and reducing red tape.

Things may yet get interesting though, because while voters certainly do approve of jobs and reducing red tape, they are generally not eager to have an aggregate pit, recycling facility or residential development in their backyard.

It will be interesting to see how the new government balances these interests in its quest to get re-elected in four years.  

In the meantime, development plans for Craighurst will roll along.  It does create an opportunity for the community to get engaged and help shape what the village will look like. 

Apparently Bidwell Estates has a community Facebook page: it’s a forum for residents to learn what's going on and share news. Councillor Hall, who seems pretty committed to community engagement, is wondering if Craighurst might be interested in something similar and if there is anyone who would be interesting in administering the page. Councillor Hall is also committed to helping Craighurst residents understand what to expect with the development process, and when and how to have input.


NEW Simcoe County LINX Transit Service now connecting communities with Route 1   

Midhurst/August 7, 2018 – The County of Simcoe celebrated the launch of its new LINX Transit Service today with representatives from local MPP offices, Council Councillors, partners, staff and media. Route 1 runs north and south from Penetanguishene/Midland to Barrie with stops in Wyebridge, Waverley, Elmvale and Midhurst. To introduce the service, the County is offering complimentary fares between August 7-September 4, with regular fare rates starting after Labour Day. 

 The County is also offering an accessible door-to-door transit service for individuals with mobility needs called the LINX+, which will launch on September 4. Residents are asked to complete a registration form to access the LINX+ service by visiting or by calling 1-800-263-3199. 

  “We’re officially in the transit business and we’re pleased to offer another crucial public service to our residents and communities,” said Warden Gerry Marshall. “Route 1 is just the first stop on an ambitious plan to link our municipalities across the region and connect residents to health services, jobs, education centres and retail hubs in other communities.”

 During a formal launch celebration, the County also unveiled its unique social media marketing campaign to inform residents and encourage ridership called Get Your Brass on the Bus. The online video can be viewed at

 In 2017, as part of the County’s Transit Implementation Plan, County Council approved a 5-year, $5 million plan to create a regional transit service. Recognizing the need to increase public transit within Simcoe County, the Government of Ontario recently topped up funding with a significant $8.4 million contribution.

 As part of a five year roll out of the LINX service, the following proposed routes will be considered: Orillia to Barrie (2019), Collingwood to Barrie (2019/2020), Alliston to Bradford West Gwillimbury and Midland to Orillia (2020/2021). The County will also assume some existing inter-municipal routes currently operating throughout the County. 

 Visit to learn more. 

 Quick Facts:

 Fares: Fares will operate on a zone system based on distance travelled – fares for Route 1 range from $2, $4 and $6.  Exact cash fares only will be accepted on the bus. The County will be offering a LINX reloadable card that users can purchase for convenient access to the LINX. LINX cards will be available in late August. For sales locations and information, please visit 

 Hours of Operation: Route 1 LINX service will operate Monday to Friday with the first bus starting at 6 a.m. and the last drop off occurring at 7:40 p.m. The LINX Service does not operate on weekends. 

 Locating Your Bus: Alerts and real-time bus tracking will be available on The County has also partnered with an existing App company to link real-time bus and route information through the popular app. Residents are encouraged to download the “Transit app” on their Apple and Android devices.  

 LINX Buses: The first route will start with four 30 foot buses, with seating for up to 24 passengers plus room for eight standing passengers each and two wheelchairs, and 2 LINX+ buses with seating for up seven passengers, including 3 wheelchairs. The buses are equipped with GPS based vehicle location systems, automated stop announcements, smart card fare systems and CCTV cameras. 

 Environment: LINX buses are equipped with low emission engines with current clean diesel technology. The LINX bus offers above average fuel economy and the manufacture has also partnered with the aerospace industry, integrating proven concepts into the bus, greatly reducing noise pollution – making it one of the quietest transit buses on the road today.

 Bus Operation: The County has entered into an agreement with First Canada ULC to operate and maintain LINX buses. First Canada has transit operating agreements across Canada and also provide school bus transportation services.   County of Simcoe is composed of sixteen member municipalities and provides crucial public services to County residents in addition to providing paramedic and social services to the separated cities of Barrie and Orillia. Visit our website at



What’s better than watching home renos on TV? It’s talking face-to-face with talented tradespeople, landing sweet deals, and seeing your house turn into the home of your dreams.

And now, thanks to a new partnership forged between the Midland District Shrine Club (MDSC) and Midland Penetanguishene District Builders’ Association (MPDBA) that just got a lot easier to do!

 The Shriners have hosted the Midland Spring Home Show for 18+ years, and wanted to “shake things up” for 2019.

 “We wanted to thank the Midland and District Builders Association for helping us in 2018,” said the Shriners’ Chair of the Home Show, Vincent Aube.

“We want the Midland Spring Home Show to be fresh where consumers can connect face to face and feel and touch merchandise and talk TO the Vendors about their wares, without the need for COmputers, Internet and the like. We want it to be a Personal Experience, showcasing homegrown talent. That is why in 2018 the Shriners partnered with the Builders to bring this to fruittion. with an “Experts Alley” at the event.” 

Kevin Mateff, President of the MPDBA, saw the invitation as a perfect fit for his organization. “From windows to doors, roofs to floors, landscaping, decks, HVAC … I think the people in Tiny, Tay, Midland and Penetanguishene will be impressed with the quality of workmanship and products our membership delivers,” said Mateff. “As your neighbours and friends, we are offering you great customer service, discounts, bonuses, and prizes, plus the chance to shop local.”

Fun For the Kiddies. We are also attempting to get more Childrens Fun at the Show to keep our Youngs Minds Alive and Interested.

Contest categories and guidelines are to be revealed on the “midlandhomeshow” Facebook page as they are confirmed.

In the meantime, circle Friday, April  12, and Saturday, April 14 on your calendar. That’s when the 2019 Midland Spring Home Show is set to take place at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre.

To learn more about the Shriners, become an exhibitor, or simply get the scoop on other fun Home Show activities, please visit