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Happy birthday wishes go out to Aaron Mitchell, Aislim Srigley, Gavin Maheu, Yvonne Moreau, Joey Gamble, Luke Blow, Brie Southhorn, Brenda Armstrong, Drake Reynolds, Alicia Stephenson, Cameron Crawford, Carol Hales, Erin Gibson, Judy Lalonde, Alvin Leonard, Spencer Caston & Keegan Srigley.

Bid euchre is on Friday afternoons at 1 p.m. in the church basement. Adults $2.50 with prizes & light lunch. Winners from Oct. 18th were: 1st Judy Hall, 2nd Roslyn Maurice & 3rd Marguerite Stone. Winners from Oct. 25th were: 1st Margaret Irvine, 2nd Marguerite Stone & 3rd Pat McAuley. Everyone welcome.

Starting in November, Wyevale United Church will be conducting an all family visitation. This is an opportunity to re-connect with the community. More information later.

U.C.W, meeting is on Thursday November 7th at 1;30 p.m. in the church basement. Bonnie Reynolds will be there to show pictures of the area around. Everyone is welcome.

I wish all the children have a happy and safe Hallowe’en. Cars need to watch for all the trick or treaters.

Anyone with news items for the paper, please call me and leave a message at 705.527.5274.


Craighurst WI  October Meeting

Craighurst Women’s Institute celebrated their 90th Anniversary on October 15.  We were founded  in October 1929.  We welcomed former members, visitors from the village and also from neighbouring Women’s Institutes. All present wore hat and gloves, a nod to the days gone by.  The meeting started in the usual way and then went into party programme mode.  Two members gave recollections of their first meeting - one thinks she was present at the founding, Oct. 1929 - but as a babe in arms.  Sheila Craig, who had read through the old minute books, gave some highlights through the years.  In 1935 CWI contributed towards the fund to buy a resident a new arm.  In 1939 they were given tips on how and what to do when a toast is proposed to the King.  Many parcels were sent to the boys overseas during World War II.  In 1949 they sent a resolution to the government over rising Blue Cross hospital rates. (How soon we forget what things were like before Medicare).  Then, on cue, Dolores, a flapper from the 1920’s, danced in and gave an account of all the highlights from 1929. The hat and gloves contest was won by Pat Richards and Joyce Sinton.  There followed lunch and much visiting.  Congratulations to The Craighurst W I.!


Hillsdale Highlights  •  Alissa Shanahan

  • Happy Halloween! Since this issue is delivered on October 31st, I would like to wish a Happy Halloween to all who celebrate! Please make sure to be safe when you are trick or treating!
  • AED/CPR Workshop: The Township is offering a FREE community workshop in Hillsdale on Saturday, November 3rd from 4-6pm. Registration is required at
  • 5th Annual Tree Lighting: With colder weather just around the corner, it is time to once again talk about our annual tree lighting! As always, it will be held on the first Saturday of December, meaning this year it will be on Saturday, December 7th. Come to the hall for the lighting of the tree at 6pm, followed by some carols, crafts and baked goods. We have already reached out to Jolly Old Saint Nick, and have our fingers crossed that he will make an appearance, yet again!  To keep this event completely FREE, we are looking for donations of baked goods.  If you can bake (or even buy!) a dozen or two items, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you!
  • Hillsdale Community Recreation Association (CRA): The Hillsdale CRA meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the hall at 7:00pm.  The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 27th.  Come out to have your input heard about our community, and get involved as much (or as little!) as you wish!

The “Hillsdale Highlights” is a community news update, so please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any information you would like the community to know about! Follow the official Hillsdale Community Recreation Association on Facebook for details about upcoming events and social gatherings at “Hillsdale Community Group.”


Elmvale Food Bank

Elmvale & District Food Bank would like to thank Springwater Firefighters from Elmvale – Station 5 and Hillsdale – Station 4 for hosting their annual food drive throughout the streets of Elmvale, Hillsdale and Phelpston.   Once again the community showed their continued support of the Food Bank.   A special thank you to Birch Farms for their donation of fresh vegetables.   Clients of the Food Bank received either a turkey or ham for Thanksgiving.

Elmvale BIA hosted a food drive at Elmvale Foodland in early October which was a huge success.   Pre-packaged bags available at Foodland are packed with items that the Food Bank has specially requested.  

We appreciate ALL of the continued support from organizations, groups and individuals.   

As the Christmas Season approaches the Food Bank starts preparing for Christmas Hampers.   Last year we prepared over 60 hampers.   Hampers are available to anyone that needs a little extra help at the Christmas Season.    Also, if you are interested in sponsoring an individual and/or family, please contact the food bank or Deb McLean @ 705-322-3070 for further information.

One opportunity to support the Food Bank at this season is the annual CP Holiday Train.   The train will arrive in Midhurst on November 29 at 12:15.     It is always a fun time for the whole family and the community support - rain, snow or shine – has been fantastic.

Organizations throughout the Township will be hosting various events and collecting food on our behalf.   Please check out our Facebook page to find out the needs at the Food Bank  Volunteers spend a  lot of hours sorting and  date checking,   Please try to remember that we CANNOT accept any expired food.


Springwater Public Library takes home People’s Choice Award at Georgian Bay Reads

Canadian literature enthusiasts descended upon the Elmvale Community Hall on Saturday, October 19 for a night of fun and competition. Up for grabs was the Georgian Bay Reads Award and fighting for the trophy were defenders from five local libraries.

Springwater Library hosted the 11th annual event for the first time this year, 120 people were in attendance to listen to local defender Katherine Wallis discuss her choice of book, The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman. With a chorus of groans from the audience, The Home For Unwanted Girls was voted off in the first round by the other defenders, but redeemed itself by winning the People’s Choice Award with an overwhelming majority. The Luminous Sea by Melissa Barbeau held on to win the Georgian Bay Reads award, making this the third time in four years that the winning book was defended by Meaford Library.

The defenders and local authors were:

Clearview Public Library: Lesley Martel, 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act by Bob Joseph

Collingwood Public Library: Alexandra Robinson, This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki

Meaford Public Library: Jack Pledger, The Luminous Sea by Melissa Barbeau

Springwater Public Library: Katherine Wallis, The Home For Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman

Wasaga Beach Public Library: Melanie Case, Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson

Moderator: Leslie Ransome, the winner of the 2017 Georgian Bay Reads

Among the many people in attendance was the Mayor of Springwater Township, who had this to say about the event. “My wife Wanda and I very much enjoyed the Georgian Bay Reads last Friday in Elmvale. The attendees and debates were lively. Wanda had read all the books and liked The Home For Unwanted Girls best, and this was confirmed by it winning the People’s Choice Award by a wide margin. Congratulations to Katherine Wallis for defending this book and to Meaford’s Jack Pledger, who defended the Georgian Reads Winner, The Luminous Sea. The primer 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act is the only one I read and It was a quick informative read. Thanks and see you next year.”

Springwater Public Library would like to thank Elmvale Foodland for helping provide the refreshments, Ritchie’s Feeds N’Needs & Garden Centre for the loan of the flowering planters, Creemore Springs Brewery, and Lalonde’s Maple Syrup.

The 2020 Georgian Bay Reads award will be hosted by Clearview Public Library at the new Stayner Branch Library and Community Hall on Saturday, October 24 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Free tickets will be available early in September 2020. For more information, contact Jodie Player Delgado, CEO Springwater Public Library

(705) 728-4784 ext. 2065

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SaveStation CPR & AED Clinics Underway

by Dennis Gannon - Learning how to save a life by doing CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator are skills everyone can use. Springwater Township is offering these life saving skills in family friendly clinics run by SaveStation.  The first session was held at the Anten Mills community centre this past Saturday and the participants all came away with a new or renewed confidence in what to do if faced with a situation where a cardiac event occurred. Age and ability should not be considered a barrier and whether your 7 or 70, take the opportunity to learn or get refreshed on these skills.

The dates and locations of these events are;

  • Hillsdale Community Hall – Sunday, November 3, 4 p.m. to 6 pm.
  • Phelpston Rink House – Thursday November 7, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Midhurst Community Hall – Sunday, November 17, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Minesing Community Hall – Tuesday, November 19, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Township Administration Centre – Thursday, November 21, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The instructors gear the training to the audience and everyone will come away feeling more confident if they ever need to perform life saving actions. The session is open to all, not just residents of the community where it is being hosted.

Springwater Township is leading the challenge to save lives through the use of AED and CPR. Neighbourhood programs can be initiated with the assistance of community residents in areas where the SaveStations are not currently housed.

More information can be found on the Township of Springwater website and by visiting There you will find how to signup for the training dates along with videos on the different AEDs in the township and information on the SaveStation movement.


Rural Intentions – a word from Craighurst by Lynette Mader

 Ramara Airport has a restaurant that is well worth the drive to Rama.  Tailwinds is a lovely venue with a patio that overlooks the lake, and a wall of windows providing a view of the tarmac and runway where you can watch small planes coming and going.

Fran Poole had heard of it and a small group of Craighurst ladies checked it out last spring. I took Dave back there this fall and as we enjoyed our meal, I watched a small plane taxi up to the tarmac in front of our table. A couple got out and headed into the restaurant, obviously on a day trip: with the addition of this restaurant, Ramara Airport has become a popular tourist destination for small plane pilots. I wondered where they were from and thought of the small airports I had visited when my dad was a pilot. Dad shared ownership in a Bonanza and then a Cessna on separate occasions. He was a member of Flying Farmers and during their more adventurous years when I was just a kid, he and mom flew to Texas, Florida and even Nassau.

Dad was raised in relative poverty by his grandfather – a hardworking railway man who had been born in an era when horses were still a mode of transportation. During his lifetime great grandpa was witness to the advent of the automobile and amazingly, the flying machine.  It was an historic moment when dad was able to take his grandfather up in a plane he flew himself. There is a treasured family photo of dad and his octogenarian grandpa standing next to dad’s plane at Centralia airport. Now dad is in his late eighties and in long term care, a place he swore (as we all do) that he’d never go.  He has dementia and a compulsive addiction to candy. I pay for his tuck shop bill and it’s costing me a fortune but how do I deny this once great man such a simple thing? A man who had overcome poverty in his youth, made and lost his fortunes several times before eventually becoming a national farm leader; a man who went to Europe to participate in world trade negotiations and has a farm scholarship in his name should be afforded every dignity in old age. So should we all. With thanks to Ramara airport for the inspiration, I will take him to a municipal airport on my next visit to watch the planes come and go and remember a happier time.

And if you get the chance, head up to Tailwinds while the fall colours are still in display and planes are still in the air.

I’ve included a couple of photos of my two trips there: one with my friend Betty, and one with Dave.



by Dennis Gannon - Halloween came early in the community this past weekend with the Halloween Boo Bash at the community centre on Sunday. The hall was decorated with pumpkins and witches and spooky items to the delight of the superheroes, princesses and animals that came. Pumpkin carving, games and prizes were all part of the afternoon’s events. A big thank you to Roslyn, Shawn and all the volunteers who came together to make this a wonderful family event.

Also over the weekend the first of the Springwater Township SaveStation CPR & AED clinics was held at the hall. For some it was the first time they have done CPR with an AED and for all it was an enlightening session. A number of residents have signed up to receive an alert in the event the AED is needed and that is how a community responds. Thanks to those who attend and there are more of these sessions over the next couple of weeks. Check for more details.

Recently it was discovered that in 1939 the students of the community who attended what is now our community hall did some tree planting to commemorate the royal tour of Canada by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. We are not certain if the tree we light up for Christmas is the one significant tree or if it is others that are around the grounds. While we continue to research this we welcome any photos or information that will help. Please contact me at my email address.

With that large tree in mind, the Christmas in the Village weekend will soon be here. On Saturday, December 7 we will kick off the weekend with a Christmas movie under the pavilion starting at 5:30 followed by Santa Claus arriving with the Springwater fire fighters at 6:20. At 7PM the tree and ground displays will be lit up and fireworks will light the sky for our finale. Sunday, December 8 the parade will begin at 1PM and wind its way through the village ending at the community centre. A number of entries have all ready be confirmed along with 2 streets that are going to battle it out for the street award. It would be great to have a few more streets enter the friendly battle, so talk to your neighbours and if there are any questions, give me a call. Other entries are also welcome.  Animals, antique vehicles, kazoo players, all are welcome. Check out the Anten Mills community Facebook page for more details. Donations and prizes are always welcomed and we would be happy to receive them. Contact me for further details.

In the last edition, there was a question posed about an event that began in 1989 by a group of community minded residents that still continues today. The question must have stumped everyone as no one contacted me with an answer. In 1989 the members of the then Vespra Fire Department Fire Fighters Association began their Christmas tree sale. The first year approximately 50 trees were purchased in hopes that the residents of the township would purchase them and the profits would be donated back into the community.  That event has continued to this day and is now headed by the South Springwater Fire Fighters Association. To celebrate this monumental event, on Saturday November 30 the fire fighters are going to kick off their annual sale with a Christmas Tree party from 1 to 4 at 14 Finlay Rd Mill in Midhurst, home of the old Midhurst fire hall where the event began and still operates from. The afternoon will of course have Santa, hot chocolate and goodies provided by Linda’s Eating Place and Coffee Shop, Sparky, fire trucks and crafts at the library. Top quality fresh trees and urn inserts will be for sale.  The fire fighters goal is to sell 30 trees on the 30th to celebrate 30 years of giving to the community. Interesting enough, December 1 is National Christmas Lights Day!  That’s the day the Christmas lights should go to celebrate the season. Please accept the challenge and stop by on November 30 and help the fire fighters reach or surpass their goal.

That’s all for this edition. Send your news or announcements to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



PHELPSTON, ON – October 17, 2019 – For more than 100 years, The War Amps has been making a difference in the lives of amputees including Laura Bateman, 16, of Phelpston, and Kylah Ferrigan, 16, of Campbell’s Bay, Quebec.

Laura, born a left hand amputee, and Kylah, born a partial right hand amputee, are members of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. They became friends at the recent 2019 CHAMP Seminar, in Kitchener, where they were both Junior Counsellors, acting as role models and offering advice to younger Champs.

“It’s great to meet others who are just like me,” says Laura. “Kylah and I have a lot in common and we can share our concerns about being an amputee with each other.”

At CHAMP seminars, young amputees and their parents learn about the latest in artificial limbs, dealing with teasing and staring and parenting an amputee child. The seminar is also an opportunity for child amputees and their families to connect and share similar experiences about living with amputation.

“Seminars are a powerful experience, as Champs and parents learn they are not alone,” says Danita Chisholm, Executive Director of the CHAMP Program. “Thanks to the public’s support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service, we are able to bring young amputees like Laura and Kylah together, as well as provide financial assistance for the cost of artificial limbs.”

Photo (left to right): Laura and Kylah at the 2019 CHAMP Seminar.



Le Festival du loup renews Noël au village partnership with Tiny Township Saturday, November 23, 2019, Downtown Lafontaine

 Lafontaine, October 24, 2019 - Downtown L.A. (Lafontaine) is not usually known as a shopping Mecca. However, next month there are plans to make the village a one-stop-shop to simplify your life and reduce pre-Christmas stress! For the second year in a row, La Meute culturelle, Festival du loup’s parent organization, has teamed up with the Township of Tiny to light up the village for the festive season on November 23, from 3 to 7 pm. 

 The second edition of Noël au village focuses on substance: Food & Firs! Put your rolling pins away and bring a bag to fill with be the best homemade baking. Phil Robitaille of Phil’s Catering will be dusting off the family recipe book and making mom’s festive deserts and pies. From butter tarts to Nanaimo bars, date squares, peanut butter balls, marshmallow rolls, butter-scotch squares, an assortment of festive favourites will be available for purchase by the box. Fleurette (Desroches) Robitaille taught Phil the tricks of the trade and exactly how to make her delicious beef and pork tourtières, selling for only $10.00. Phil’s famous Lafontaine cherry balls will also be on the menu.

 The Maurice family is in charge of the Fir end of the substantial event. Plan on getting your Christmas tree in the country this year. There is a special during the Noël au village event. Bring home a Blue Spruce for $15.00 or a Fraser Fir for only $25.00. Only in Lafontaine! You’ll easily pay more than double in town! Start the car… and head straight to L.A.! 

 Other activities include Sainte-Croix school’s annual bazar to get your Christmas shopping and decorating done. The Parish Hall is setting up arts and crafts tables and Santa Claus will be making an appearance for photo ops. The Community Centre will be decorated by the Women’s Art Cooperative, and members’ art on is on display accompanied by live music. For a different twist on storytelling, young artist Isabelle Pauzé is illustrating a Christmas tale that a special teller will use as a reference. The village itself will be brilliantly lit and of course, the giant tree will be illuminated at 6 pm while the local choir sings seasonal carols. 

 Come check many chores off your Christmas list in Lafontaine on November 23rd. There is fun for everyone! For more information, call 705 543-1535 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Springwater Libraries

Sharewear FREE Winter Clothing Giveaway   Donations of women, men or childrens coats, hats, mitts, boots, snowpants and scarves for our 7th annual FREE winter clothing giveaway event can be dropped off at any library branch.  The free giveaway event is on Saturday November 2, 10am-12noon Elmvale Branch.

Get Well Storytime

Join us for a special storytime with the Midhurst Pharmasave during cold season about getting better and feeling well!  Tuesday November 12, 10:30am Midhurst Branch.  Cost: Free.  No registration required.

“Spring” Snowman

We will be making a snowman from a recycled mattress spring at this adult craft program.  Tuesday November 12, 6pm at Elmvale Branch.  Cost $5 or Friday November 15, 7pm at Minesing Branch.  Cost $5.  Registration required.

Kids Snow Crafts

These simple and fun crafts are a program you won’t want to miss!  Saturday November 16, 11am at Elmvale Branch.  Cost $2 or Tuesday November 19, 3:45pm at Minesing Branch.  Cost $2.  Registration required.

Mom & Daughter Craft Club

Ages 9+ are invited to join our NEW monthly craft club.  We will be using our new cricut machine and other crafting tools.  Thursday November 21 from 6pm-7pm at Midhurst Branch.  Registration required.

The Kids are in bed Parenting Club

Chats about the highs and lows of being a parent and find your community!  This month we will focus on holiday tips and tricks, ways to make great memories with your family and ways to avoid melt downs.  Thursday November 21, 7:30pm-8:30pm Midhurst Branch.

Christmas Tree/Craft Party

In association with the South Springwater Fire Fighter’s Association we are offering a special one day only event where you can purchase a tree for charity (the goal is to sell 30 trees in honour of 30 years of tree sales).  There will be a FREE photobooth with Santa, hot drinks, cookies, Sparky and firetrucks will be there and you can make a free Christmas craft at the library!  Saturday November 30, 1pm-5pm at 14 Finlay Mill Road (next to the Midhurst Branch).

Holiday Wood Signs

Personalize your own wooden holiday sign!  Monday December 9, 2pm at Elmvale Branch, cost $10 or Friday December 13, 7pm at Minesing Branch, cost $10.

Tech Thursdays  Free tech help at the library for computer questions, downloading new apps and e-books onto your device. Appointments are for 30 minutes on Thursdays between 5pm-7pm at Elmvale Branch. Please call to make an appointment.


Smiling from coast to coast: Tim Hortons annual Smile Cookie campaign raises a record $9.8M across Canada for over 550 charities, hospitals and community groups Guests from coast to coast helped beat last year's record of $7.8M 

 TORONTO, October 3, 2019 – Tim Hortons 2019 Smile Cookie campaign raised a record $9.8M in just one week for 550 charities, hospitals and community groups across Canada. This amazing accomplishment is because of the passion and dedication that Tim Hortons restaurant owners, team members and our guests show year after year, for a good cause and fantastic charity partners who help spread the word in their communities. 

 For one week – from September 16-22 – Tim Hortons guests shared smiles across the country and raised millions of dollars through the tasty act of buying chocolate chunk cookies decorated with blue eyes and an iconic pink smile for $1, plus applicable taxes.

  Top Towns Guests from across Canada came together to raise a record amount of money for Smile Cookie this year. Here are the top five communities from coast to coast.

 Dunnville, ON’s new nickname should the Smile Cookie Capital of Canada raising $42,864 – this is a single store record for Smile Cookie sales and an impressive feat for a town of under 6,000 people! These funds will support the Dunnville Hospital Foundation.

 Lac-Mégantic, QC – also a town just shy of 6,000 people – raised $26,703 for Maison Cinquième Saison

 Binbrook, ON raised $26,122 for Glanbrook Community Services 

 Woodstock, ON raised $21,013 for two charities: Sakura House Hospice and United Way Oxford

 Supporting the High Level Play Association, High Level, AB rounds out the top five raising $17,993 from Smile Cookie sales

 Smile Cookie Campaign Facts

 In 2019, the Smile Cookie campaign broke the record of $7.8M raised in 2018 by $2M for a new record of $9.8M

 The first Smile Cookie was sold in 1996 to help raise funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital in Ontario

 In 2019, Tim Hortons Restaurant owners supported an additional 50 charities than they did in 2018 for a total of 550 local charities, hospitals and community programs 

            In 1964, the first Tim Hortons® restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario opened its doors and Canadians have been ordering Tim Hortons iconic Original Blend coffee, Double-DoubleTM coffees, Donuts and Timbits® in the years since. Over the last 55 years, Tim Hortons has captured the hearts and taste buds of Canadians. Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest restaurant chain operating in the quick service industry serving over 5 million cups of coffee every day with 80% of Canadians visiting one of nearly 4,000 Tim Hortons in Canada at least once a month. More than a coffee and bake shop, Tim Hortons is part of the Canadian fabric and guests can enjoy hot and cold specialty beverages – including lattes, cappuccinos and espressos, teas and our famous Iced CappsTM – alongside delicious breakfast, sandwiches, wraps, soups and more. Tim Hortons has more than 4,800 restaurants in Canada, the United States and around the world. For more information on Tim Hortons visit