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Grenfel Area News   w/ June Everton  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who thought in this day and age we would be confined to our homes for a pandemic of this type Maybe we should reconsider going on holidays to other countries who are not as healthy and as well looked after as with our public health system.  Lots of you have not seen what Canada has to offer.  Be strong and enjoy the changing seasons.

Not going to work for most of you, is a time to spring clean and purge things you do not use or need anymore.  Most of all it is family time you share with loved ones when you are not tired from rushing out the door to work and coming home stressed out Planning healthy meals, baking and teaching your children household chores they can help out with can help pass the time in isolation.

This time will pass

Grenfel United Church Ladies have once again made their delicious homemade Easter eggs.  If you would like to purchase some I will be glad to meet you at the church.  My number is 705-790-4376.

Saw my first two robins yesterday morning and they were not impressed with the snow

Stay indoors and time this pandemic will end.


Minesing Moments w/Lorrie Norwood

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 728-9784 

As I write this, we are all still in self isolation mode and distancing ourselves from others. The most recent news reveals that we cannot be with five people in one group unless it is family or an essential service situation. I know you are all reading and hearing about our world’s pandemic so I won’t write much about it.  I think at this point, we are all just trying to manage and adjust ourselves to our new normal for the next…who knows how long.  We have to definitely realize the seriousness of the situation and also try to stay upbeat at the same time.

 I will say that I have seen many people out walking in our community, more outside time for kids and if I may say, quality family time for all.  I am lucky, my daughters are both young adults and don’t require constant entertaining, but I feel for those who are trying to entertain rambunctious children who need to be kept busy.  I’m sure your patience is being tested.  If I can offer anything to you, just do your best.  You don’t have to become a teacher overnight.  I have seen so many different websites identified on various Facebook groups that offer ideas to keep your kids busy.  Perhaps some of those will help you through your weeks, days, hours, and minutes.  There are also ideas you could try like real life experiences.  Things like the different types of trees, or birds they may see during their walks.  Let them help you cook or bake something, teach them about measurements.  I’m going back to my 4H days and think of learning to sew, show them how to sew on a button or just sew two pieces of material together…these are the kinds of things that they will be able to use one day.  Teach them about everyday things, different chores they haven’t done before, or have a reward system for any extra things they help you with.  I know from our Minesing Facebook page that some creative little minds have hidden some painted rocks throughout the community for others to find.  What a fantastic idea!

 I do feel like we have taken a little step back in time though, do you?  More board games, more puzzles, colouring, baking and activities instead of watching endless tv or playing video games, and no more racing around from one organizes sports events to the next.  There has been more time spent cooking dinners and eating together…it makes you wonder if mother nature has an idea for all of us to slow down and enjoy the small things in life.

 We all know what we have to do!  Please stay home, don’t visit friends, family or neighbours.  Do drop offs on front porches if you do need to exchange items or do shopping for someone.  Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!   Check on your elderly neighbours, offer to help pick up something for them especially if they don’t drive.  I think after this whole thing is over, we as a country will realize the importance of being kind and helping others. 

 Baby Announcement:  Congratulations to Stuart and Shannon Giffen on the arrival of their new blue little bundle, a boy born Monday March 23rd.  This little man’s name is Raylan Patrick Giffen and he was 9 lbs 1 oz.  Grandparents are Pat and Angie O’Brien of Minesing and Dale and Debbie Giffen of Edenvale.  Congratulations to everyone, we can’t wait to meet him!

 Until next time, please stay safe, follow the rules and wash your hands.


Elmvale BIA Report

Message from the President of Elmvale BIA 

Hello everyone - these are definitely trying times and is a test on us all. Keeping positive and following the guidelines is a must.  his is a time for us to be creative with our marketing and sales approach.

Elmvale BIA and our partners at Springwater Township are here to help with any ideas or plans to encourage business in Elmvale and Springwater.  We are in this together and can support one another during this time.   

Social media campaigns are an excellent way to get your message out and e commerce is booming.  Share our pages, give reviews to local businesses, spread the word!  

Stay Positive and We WILL get through this ..TOGETHER!!

Jason Schell,  President Elmvale BIA 

Working together, The BIA is sharing businesses that remain open in Elmvale.   This list is fluid and we recommend that you contact the business directly to ensure that the details are still valid.  Throughout this time we are working together to support one another! Share details, spread the word and continue to work together during this COVID 19 crisis.

If you are an Elmvale business that is open and haven’t been included, please send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us on Facebook.    We are happy to include you in this listing and share details of your modified business offerings.  We will continue to highlight these businesses in the coming weeks. 


Archer Bookkeeping - Currently working from home office

58 Yonge Street South lower level, Tel: 705-352-1187


Beacock Auto - Currently open

46 Yonge Street South,  Tel: 705-322.2757


BodyWorks Collision = Currently Open

14 William Street, Tel: 705-322-2282


Carquest Elmvale - Order via telephone for curbside pick up  -  141 Queen Street West, Tel:705-322-1111


Be-Still - 6 Queen Street West  - 705-352-0505

As a Mental Health Counsellor, I will providing Emotional Support at Be-Still Bridge of Light Bookstore 4 days per week 10-4 pm. Rita Be-Still 


Elmvale Home Building Centre - 121 Yonge Street South

Open will only be accepting customer orders over the phone: 705-322-2800, fax: 705-322-0322 or EMAIL. We will gather customer orders for pick up in our parking lot or yard. We will also continue to deliver orders, but deliveries will be left in driveway as to limit contact.


G & S Computers, 9 Queen Street West  705-322-1997

Open with modifications   -  We are here for you - but our doors will be locked - and ask that you call ahead and/or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a service.


Liberty Tax, 40 Yonge Street South 705-322-6868

DROP OFF ONLY during business hours


Northern Automotive Solutions is also open and taking measures to protect themselves and their customers!

14218 County Road 27, 1-705-322-0330


OK Tire Elmvale - Re-opening March 30th by appt only  -  7 Yonge Street North,  Tel: 705-322-1652


Paul Flindall - Phone 705 322 4292, Message 705 623 0790, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First and foremost we want everyone to be careful and stay safe and healthy. While this Covid-19 is in our faces, IPD Consulting is still operating by phone, text messaging or email. I am still able do your plans and they can be picked up outside our door. Thanks for understanding


Ritchie's  Feeds N Needs - 1548 County Rd 92

705 322-2363 Open Mon - Fri 8:30 to 5:30 - Sat 8:30 to 4:30

Please call on your orders, they  will be loaded when you arrive. Still open to the public with many things in place to keep you and the staff healthy.


Tag Painting - 18 Queen Street West unit 3, Tel:705-515-1300 Open with modifications - We will continue to be of service in the event of emergency repairs are concerned, employing BEST PRACTICES to help keep our customers safe.  Call us at 1-855-515-1300 if you are in need!


The Laundromat , 30 Queen Street West


Tiny Art Shack, 34 Queen Street West Tel:705-322-2020

Curbside pick up, delivery available call ahead -


Ace Grill - Open for Take Out Tel: 705-322-6484

34 Yonge Street South,


B2 Pizza -   Tel: 705-322-2121 - 34 Yonge Street South

Currently Open 2-7:30, last orders by 6:30 pm


Elmvale Bakery, 32 Queen Street West, Tel: 705-515-3300  -  I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of using a curb side pick up. Simply phone or contact me here with your order details, we will then put it together and we can arrange an E transfer for payment. The email address here is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Foodland Elmvale, Tel: 705-322-2261

14 Yonge Street North, 8AM - 8PM


Life’s a Slice Pizzeria, Tel: 705-515-0777 13 Yonge Street South

Open until 8pm - last orders 7:30 pm


McDonald’s, 24 Yonge Street South

Open Drive Thru - Tel: 705-322-4444


Steeler’s Restaurant & Pub - 23 Queen Street West, Tel: 705-322-2652

Take Out & Delivery (local delivery is free) visit website for full menu


Tim Horton’s, 68 Yonge Street South

Open Drive Thru - 705-322-5504




The Elmvale & District Food Bank is very aware that these are trying times for many of us in our community.  You may have had your hours reduced or been laid off.  Please know your Food Bank is here to help.  We have dedicated and non-judgmental volunteers that are working hard to help you.

During this Covid-19 time, we have changed the way we do business.  We will NOT be taking any financial information during this pandemic. If you need us, please contact us.  We have now set up for phone orders with pickup at specific times to minimize contact.   You will receive food for 3-5 days with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy.  Please call 705-322-9096.

If you know of any of your neighbours or family that might not see this write-up and may need us, please let them know.  Our business hours are 4-6 p.m. on Wednesday and 10 a.m.-noon Thursday.  We are located just off the Community Hall parking lot across from the Elmvale Library.  We are so proud of the way the community is supporting us during this time, let us support you. We are here for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone Jan at 705-322-1757 or cell 705-627-6162.  


We can ALL help fight COVID-19 locally - George Cabral

 These are unprecedented times and our federal, provincial and municipal governments are all working extremely hard to manage this pandemic through strong leadership, financial relief, effective and timely mass communication, and very clear guidance on how to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Our heroes, now more than ever, are our doctors, nurses, health care workers, para-medics, police officers, fire fighters, but in this battle against an invisible foe our local heroes have joined the fight. Our incredible front line local heroes include cashiers, clerks, truckers, delivery staff, cooks, and the list goes on and on. Regular folk, our neighbours and friends, who are staying at work and doing an absolutely incredible job on behalf of the rest of us.

Each of us has the power to help support every one of these incredible people by doing our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19. There are many ways to rob Covid-19 of further opportunities to spread by following the advice of our local public health authority. Key is to not touch your eyes, nose or mouth, washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding close contact with people who are sick and practice social distancing, coughing and sneezing into your sleeve and not your hands and avoiding non-essential outing except for essentials.

We can stop the spread of Covid -19 by doing whatever is possible to eliminate, at every opportunity, Covid-19's ability to spread. Social distancing and reducing interaction with others is critical to preventing it's spread and each time we don't venture out eliminates another opportunity for Covid-19's to infect.

Its understood that we must protect our most vulnerable elderly and help them stay self-isolated without any undue hardships. To this end I am working with our local Elmvale Foodland owner Ryan Reynolds and I will be delivering grocery orders to our most vulnerable elderly so they are able to remain safe at home.

Here in Elmvale our local Foodland, 14 Yonge St N ( Ryan & Amanda Reynolds), as do many others grocers, take "call in orders" for groceries ( 705-322-2261 ) as well as email orders ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).The Elmvale Foodland asks that you email your order/list if at all possible so available staff can focus on filling orders. Prepared orders can then be picked up curbside once the order has been filled, or may be delivered by a 3rd party for a fee. Our Craighurst Foodland ( Bob Huffman ) also provides "call in ordering" for pick up or delivery (modest delivery fee for area served). The Craighurst Foodland ask that you call in your order ( 705-726-4666 ).

Springwater News readers should contact their local grocery store to find out what pickup and delivery options may be available. We must also understand that not every order/list will be filled as some items may be currently out of stock. Other essential businesses such as our Elmvale Home Building Centre ( 705-322-2800 ), 121 Highway 27, continue to serve the community and in the spirit of social distancing request customers call in their orders. Again, contact you local building centre/business and find out what options might be available that provide enhanced social distancing.

Many of our fast food and family restaurants are struggling to remain open to provide hot food/meals and continue paying employees and the bills. Should you be able to, please consider ordering take out/delivery the odd time to support them. As we often turn to the more traditional take out/delivery fast food options, please also consider continued patronage of your local family restaurants during this time as many, such as Steelers and Ace Grill in Elmvale and Cicco's in Minesing remain open for take out/delivery.

Other options to consider may be calling on your neighbours regularly so that several orders can be rolled into one and then only one trip need be made instead of several. With the advent of E-Transfers via email, its a simple thing to settle up amongst yourselves without worrying about getting physically close.

Check with your pharmacy to see if prescription delivery is available. If you haven't considered online shopping with delivery, now would be a good time to try it. If you must venture out, consider calling you neighbours before you do so and see if you might prevent them from making a similar trip by picking items up for them. Throw some sanitizing wipes or solution into your car so it's always handy. While difficult, try your best to keep your children from interacting with non-family members, or even extended family members living outside your home. Post onto your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and encourage everyone to social distance, not touch their faces, self isolate, and above all remain positive. When shopping consider using only your weak hand to touch what you put into your cart. Chances are that if you do reach absentmindly to touch your face, it will be with your strong hand..

Please remember the best way for us to support ALL of our local heroes is to do our personal best to reduce our exposure and their's to bring this pandemic down.

We don't know how long this will last so if your willing to step up to the plate, we're creating a volunteer roster. There will be no obligation going forward, but it would be wonderful to have some volunteers ready to help with deliveries, packing, etc when and if the need arises. To sign onto the volunteer roster please call Tonya Rider at 249-888-7944 (local).


Wyevale News with Ruth Ann Caston

Happy birthday wishes go out to Lucas Marcellus, Trevor Archer, Jennilyn Trew, Rafe O’Connor, Kaitlyn Large, Cole Large, Glenn Hall, Linda Blow, John Hogan, Cory Trew, Andrew Henry, Paul Bumstead, Marian Fallis, Nancy Chilvers, Declan Leroux, Lilliane Raby and Linda Blow. Early April birthday wishes go out to Sara Blow, Parker Sneddon, Ross Hastings and Peggy French.

Sympathy goes out to Cathy Marcellus and her family on the passing of her husband Mark<

I hope everyone is following the rules to wash your hands often and stay at home. Do not visit any family members or friends; just keep in touch by phone.


Good Vibes Coffeehouse Pot Luck and “Jam"

By Lu LaFrance

“Welcome to Good Vibes Coffeehouse where good music and good friends come together….”

That’s the Coffeehouse motto. Not only do we enjoy getting together every Thursday evening at the coffeehouse, but we enjoy each other at other special events also – like our annual pot luck and jam. Everyone who comes to the coffeehouse is considered a friend and all are invited to Lu's house nearby on a certain mid- winter Saturday night to share the good food, good music and good company. It’s more than a coffeehouse; it’s a community.

Over the years, we have also gathered for Christmas parties, barn parties, etc. Like all friends, we support each other in the difficult times too. These are a few of the many great things that make this coffeehouse unique. It’s more than a coffeehouse; it’s a community. This year, 33 coffeehouses got together and a fun time was held by all.

Come and join us: “where good music and good friends come together….”

At Good Vibes Coffeehouse,  823 Mt. St. Louis Rd W. Mount St.Loius.

Every Thursday night at 7pm.

Our physical location will be closed until further notice due to Covid19, but you can join our virtual coffee house. Check out our Facebook page this Thursday night at 7pm for our first ever Virtual Coffeehouse!


Your Community Needs a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

 We know that self-isolation is very important at this time to help fight the spread of COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk with your kids to get a bit of exercise and some fresh air.   For some kids, especially the younger ones can find it a little boring.  That’s why your community needs a neighbourhood scavenger hunt.

This simple idea will help make your stroll more interesting and provide a fun activity for your kids inside and outside your home.  There are a few variations but this is one that you can do every day. 

First, have your kids draw or paint an object on a regular piece of paper.  It can be a star, a number, a clown or anything else their imagination can think of.  It should however be of an object that people can identify.

Once the artwork has been completed, tape it to a window facing the street.  It should be large enough so that it can be seen from the sidewalk.

When the kids walk by they can look for the artwork and depending on their age, can track how many drawings they’ve seen or how many of each type of drawing there are.  Parents can make this into a fun game by giving their kids a clipboard with lined paper.

Each home can make and tape up a new piece of art every day.   Changing the artwork regularly will make it more interesting for your audience. 

If you don’t have kids or are not the drawing type, you can always use holiday decorations from Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Halloween.  It can even be an old birthday or anniversary banner.  Some homes have been using teddy bears and dolls.  Use anything that would be of interest to the kids and their families as they walk by.

It’s just a little thing that will help make it a little less boring for everyone during this difficult time.

Brian Presley is a former youth worker, camp counselor and semi-retired stay-at-home dad who operates the parenting website What To Do With The Kids® along with the Facebook page @whattodowiththekids where you’ll find games, crafts, activities and local events in your area. 


Springwater Libraries

We all know how creative and fun Lesley is and she’s made some step by step crafting videos for teens/adults that you can watch and follow along, making a craft with her from the comfort of your own home!  With bloopers and “diy” mistakes each video will leave you smiling.


On our Facebook page we will be posting daily with lots of free educational resources, ideas for parents, ways to handle stress, watch the live streaming Eagle cam to feel the wind and nature of the great outdoors and keep a genuine smile through this phase.

Online Databases

Learn a new language, plan your garden, search for crafts that fit for all ages, educate yourself on auto repair.  We’ve got a cornucopia of databases for all ages that are FREE and available on our online resources page of our website so check it out!

Flipster Digital Magazines

If you love magazines this free online resource is going to rock your world! You can browse in the moment or download to read later any of the magazines from this vibrant digital magazine company.  This is an amazing free asset to add to your online roster.


Penetanguishene Library

Our Virtual Branch is Always Open

We Miss You!

Hello friends, we may be physical distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected online.  Join us on our Facebook page to stay up to date with our online activities, competitions and contests. Your library is still here to provide you service during this challenging time. Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s look out for one another.

Visit our website and click on the E-Resources tab to gain access to e-books/audiobooks, e-magazines, several databases including Consumer Reports, Consumer Health Complete, Hobbies and Crafts resource, Cypress Resume, Mango Languages and Tumble Books and many more. You can also access these resources by downloading the Simcoe Libraries app from your app store on your device.

Do You Need a Membership/Has Your Membership Expired?  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 705-549-7164, or send a private message on our Facebook page  with your full name, address, birthdate and phone number.  Your membership will be reviewed, and a new user ID will be provided, or your current ID will be updated, and you’ll have access our full digital offerings



by Dennis Gannon

“Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign?”  For those of us who are slightly older, you may recall those lyrics from the 1971 hit by the Ottawa rock group the Five Man Electrical Band.

Since the last column, life as we know it has changed. Do this, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, keep 2 meters away, don’t touch your face, stay home and Don’t do that, congregate in groups, stand too close to others, use the playground equipment all have become for a while our new norm.

But there are other signs, signs of encouragement throughout our community. Like our two community billboard signs along Wilson and Horseshoe Valley Roads. Those signs of thanks to those frontline and essential workers demonstrates that as a community we appreciate those who are keeping us safe, feeding us and ensuring that our economy continues. We need you and thank you and pray that you, your family and coworkers do not fall ill.

Then there are the other signs.  The ones the children of the community have made and are in the windows of our homes. This is a difficult time as we need to explain why they can’t go to a birthday party or play with their friends. Certainly most of us have never had to carefully explain the world events with such caution as is required now. As well the responses some of our essential workers are returning to our children like the little note left by a postal carrier helps reinforce the encouragement is needed and appreciated.

A number of homes in the community have turned their Christmas lights back on, not to celebrate but to give the positive vibes needed now. There is also another project that the children can get involved with known as Springwater “Rocks”. The intention is described as simply to spread joy and cultivate happiness. The little rocks are everywhere so keep your eyes open as you are out walking. More information on how to become involved can be found on the Springwater “Rocks” Group Facebook page.

With our social distancing requirements there are many families looking for activities other than walking and geocaching is one that is catching on. There are a number of caches located in the community and it’s a great way to learn skills and spend some quality family time while keeping our distance. A number of free apps are available and it’s definitely worth a try.

Springwater Township has taken a number of proactive steps to ensure the safety of all of us and that includes the closing of our community centre and playgrounds. It is in our best interest to follow their lead and it is with regret there will not be an Anten Mills Easter Eggstravaganza and Bunny Run this year. The Community Recreation Advisory committee will in the future discuss options and when determined they will be announced here and on the Anten Mills Facebook page.

While we face the current health crisis supporting our local business is important. Matt from The Fry Guy has provided an update on the season opening. While the opening date is fluid based on what is occurring, he hopes to open on April 10. There will be no seating initially so it will be takeout only and there will be some restrictions on transactions. On a positive note, Matt informs me that they have replaced some of their oldest fryers with new ones and the fries will be even better than ever. You can follow Matt on The Fry Guy Facebook page for updates.

Annually our community provides generous support to the Springwater Food Bank. With our Easter events cancelled, the ability to collect food is limited. The food bank still needs donations and hope your generosity continues. At the moment some of the essential items required are canned food, cookies, dish soap, shampoo and jam. As well cash donations are welcomed at the food bank location on Queen St in Elmvale open late Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday morning. You can check their Facebook page or ours for updates.

Stay safe, stay healthy and we will stand strong. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Maple Weekend cancelled for 2020, producers could see decline of 30 per cent in sales

 On Tuesday, March 18, 2020, the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association (OMSPA) officially announced that Maple Weekend would be cancelled for 2020. The event, which takes place the first weekend of April each year, sees more than 15,000 visitors visit participating sugarbush in Ontario.

 “We are very sorry to make this announcement at this time,” said OMSPA president, Brian Bainborough. “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we want to ensure we are conforming with health advisories and do our part in combating the spread of the virus.”

 The 2020 Maple Weekend event was anticipated to be bigger than ever, with more than 80 producers scheduled to take part. The event cancellation and the COVID-19 pandemic’s appearance during prime maple syrup season will be a blow to many maple syrup producers across the province, who rely on direct to consumer sales to sell their products.

 As the first agricultural crop of the year, the maple syrup industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic, COVID-19. Each year the interchange between producers and customers is important to maple syrup producers, and specifically the traditional annual family visit to the sugarbush.

 Early surveying of OMSPA members has indicated an anticipated 30 per cent decline in sales as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This reduction could have a significant negative impact on small producers, festivals, and pancake houses specifically.

 Maple syrup production commenced in most parts of Ontario in early March and is currently in full swing. In spite of the current situation, producers are working hard to continue to produce a safe and quality product that will be used on tables year-round in Ontario.

 Bainborough stressed that maple products and syrup will continue to be available at sugarbushes across the province, and encouraged members of the public interested in purchasing maple syrup to reach out to their local sugarbush to make arrangements.

 “We are still making maple syrup and many of our members rely on the annual visit to the sugarbush to sell their product,” Bainborough said. “Many of our producers are happy to make arrangements to ensure their product gets into the hands of their loyal customers in a way that’s safe for everyone.”

John Williams, Executive Director

Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  613-258-2294


Southern Georgian Bay home sales jump year-over-year in February

Residential sales recorded through the MLS® system for the Southern Georgian Bay region totaled 226 units in February 2020. This was a large 37% increase from February 2019.

On a year-to-date basis, home sales totalled 408 units over the first two months of the year, up 36.5% from the same period in 2019.

The Southern Georgian Bay region comprises two distinctive markets.

Home sales in the Western Region, which includes Wasaga Beach, Clearview Township, Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, the Municipality of Meaford, and Grey Highlands, numbered 135 units in February 2020. This was an increase of 21.6% from February 2019.

On a year-to-date basis, home sales in the Western Region numbered 236 units over the first two months of the year, up 19.8% from the same period in 2019.

Meanwhile, home sales in the Eastern Region, encompassing the Towns of Midland and Penetanguishene, the Townships of Tay and Tiny, Severn, and Georgian Bay Townships, numbered 91 units in February 2020. This was a 68.5% jump from February 2019.

On a year-to-date basis, home sales in the Eastern Region numbered 172 units over the first two months of the year, climbing a similar 68.6% from the same period in 2019.

“2020 got off to a great start in both the Western and Eastern Regions of the Association’s geographic coverage area, with buyers taking advantage of an increase in much-needed new listings,” said Mike Scholte, President of the Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS®. “That said, going forward we may see pause on those trends as both buyers and sellers scale back activity amid the current coronavirus situation.”

There were 408 new residential listings in February 2020. This was a large increase of 32.5% on a year-over-year basis and marked the largest number of new listings added in the month of February in five years.

Active residential listings numbered 855 units at the end of February. This was up 5.8% from the end of February 2019. Despite the increase, overall supply remains low compared to historical levels.

Months of inventory numbered 3.8 at the end of February 2020, down from the 4.9 months recorded at the end of February 2019 and below the 10-year average of 8.1 months for this time of year. The number of months of inventory is the number of months it would take to sell current inventories at the current rate of sales activity.

The dollar value of all residential transactions in February 2020 was $124.5 million, jumping 49.6% from this time in 2019. This was a new record for the month of February.

Sales of all property types numbered 261 units in February 2020, up 40.3% from February 2019. The total value of all properties sold was $136.9 million, a large 54.6% increase from February 2019.

Consult your Local REALTOR® for market conditions and home value information specific to your neighbourhood. Our REALTORS® live, work and play in Southern Georgian Bay and have the local knowledge you simply need to know! Encompassing several communities along the shores of southern Georgian Bay, approximately 1½ to 2 hours from Greater Toronto, the area is one of Canada’s premier four-season recreational playgrounds.

The Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS® represents more than 600 REALTORS® registered with its member offices. The geographical area served by the Association includes the Towns of Midland and Penetanguishene, the Townships of Tay and Tiny and parts of Severn and Georgian Bay Townships; Wasaga Beach, Clearview Township, Collingwood, The Blue Mountains and portions of the Municipality of Meaford and Grey Highlands.

Provided by: Mike Scholte, President
Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS®

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.