Little Stories

Dennis Gannon and the Anten Mills News

It felt like Mother Nature was looking kindly on us this past week. Saturday and Sunday were near picture perfect days with clear skies and warm temperatures. Those ingredients certainly assisted with the community wide garage sale that happened on Saturday morning. As I went through the village on that morning, shoppers were definitely present and I saw at least 30 homes that were participating. Thanks to Jennifer for her assistance in keeping the tradition going and hopefully if you were a buyer or a seller, the day was successful for you.

On Sunday and small but hardworking contingent of community members participated in the delayed spring clean-up of the community park and along Wilson Drive. In just under one hour a pickup truck of trash was removed from the ditches. While it was warm, there were no mosquitoes and the grass and brush wasn’t too thick so the work was done in a quick matter. Drinking and driving still seems to be an issue people don’t understand or don’t care about as numerous beer and cooler cans were picked up from the ditches. A big thanks to those who came out and helped.

You may have noticed that the entrance signs along Horseshoe and Wilson have had the Welcome banner removed and replaced by Please Slow Down. While we are still a very welcoming community, the summer traffic is in full swing on the weekends and the volume of vehicles has increased significantly over the years. Horseshoe Valley Road has a 60 kilometre speed limit through the entire community. Wilson Drive is primarily a 60 zone until the built up area is reached when it drops to 50. The County of Simcoe regards Horseshoe as an arterial road and the speed limit will not be lowered. Large truck traffic continually uses the road and unfortunately the speed limit is not usually observed. The County does have mobile speed signs and it is hoped they will deploy them along Horseshoe this year to remind motorists of their speed. Springwater Township also has a mobile speed sign and with encouragement, they may deploy it along Wilson Drive to demonstrate to drivers how fast they are traveling. Fortunately residents along both roads are aware of the traffic and there haven’t been many significant collisions. Should you wish to voice your concerns over Horseshoe Valley Road, you are encouraged to contact either Mayor Allen or Deputy Mayor Coughlin. They are our voice to Simcoe County. Locally the Ward 3 councillor is Wanda Maw-Chapman. The Township of Springwater website contains their contact information under the Mayor and Council heading.

The last week of May was National Paramedic Services Week. We salute our  Paramedic community members, Tiffany, Carrie, Chad and Greg for the great work they do each and every day.  A useful tool that the Simcoe County Paramedics offer is known as File of Life. This patient information pouch with a magnetic back, can be given to emergency responders should they need to attend at your residence. The information sheet provides them with the vital information required to ensure appropriate care is provided. You can obtain these pouches directly from paramedics, at the County of Simcoe office on Highway 26 or you can contact me as we have acquired some for our community.

If you are thinking or planning a family reunion or party why not consider our community centre and pavilion. From the bookings page, a number of rentals have been planned for the summer but there are still some prime weekend days left. New this year and thanks to the Parks and Recreation Department, a portable toilet has been provided for the summer and it is close by the playground and pavilion. To inquire about renting the hall or pavilion check the Springwater Township website or call the Parks and Recreation Department directly.

With summer quickly approaching, the community news will be slowing down. This will be an opportunity for me to highlight some of our local entrepreneurs and professionals. If you own or operate a small business that members of the community might use, contact me and your business may be highlighted in an upcoming issue.

That’s all for this edition. Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your news or announcements.


Rural Intentions with Lynette Mader

Growing up on a farm, with farm animals, tends to expose you to the concept of dying and dead stuff fairly early on because you see it regularly. However, empirical evidence limited to Dave and me points to the fact that all this early exposure to animal death doesn't necessarily leave you immune to the heartbreak of it.

And so, I was distraught when I noticed a chickadee in distress at my bird feeder. It was fluffed out in a ball, listless and I knew it would die. A couple of hours later it did and I buried it. We took down our feeder, washed it out thoroughly and put it back up. Exactly a week later, I found a red breasted grosbeak on the ground - alive, but listless. Like the chickadee, it died a few hours later. It was one thing to lose a chickadee but a red breasted grosbeak brought a stronger flurry of concern. We took down the feeder again and I soaked it in bleach and water, letting it dry out for a few days.

Dave had the foresight to put the grosbeak in the freezer and so I contacted the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) at the University of Guelph and explained our situation, including all the symptoms of each bird as best as I could describe them. The CWHC staff responded immediately and said they'd be interested in testing the bird. The next day a red Playmate cooler arrived and we carefully packaged the bird to send back. I felt a bit odd taking the cooler into Purolator but the clerk didn't bat an eye when she read "Exempt Species" on the way bill. Off it went.

A few weeks later we received a preliminary report suggesting a bacterial disease.  We're still waiting for the final analysis but I've learned that backyard bird feeding comes with some weight of responsibility. There have been no more dead birds and I don't know if the problem was in my feeder but it makes no difference: I will clean my feeders more often and encourage all other back yard bird enthusiasts to do the same. I will also rake up the debris below the feeder more often and hose down the area because birds can become contaminated by contact with the feces of the sick birds.

The CWHC is a fabulous resource and I hope they don't experience any funding cuts in this era of fiscal restraint. The work they do informs not only wildlife management but is important to human health because the presence of sick birds can indicate the presence of diseases such as west nile virus that can also affect people.

So, this is a little shout-out to the awesome staff at the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative and the important work they do.



The Township of Tiny has Depaved Paradise!

   Date: June 3, 2019 (Tiny, Ontario) On Saturday, June 1, 2019, Township of Tiny volunteers and staff were joined by representatives from Depave Canada and The Environment Network for the largest depave event in Canada. Attendees made significant progress in the Asphalt to Food Project by depaving the decommissioned tennis courts in Perkinsfield Park. Over 13,000 square feet of asphalt was removed from the courts and will be reused for Township roads.  Hard surfaces, such as unused tennis courts, prevent rain from soaking into the ground, which increases flood risk and pollutes the water in rivers and lakes. By removing unused asphalt and replacing it with green spaces, we are replenishing groundwater and beautifying our neighbourhoods.  The Township received $6,000 from The Environment Network in support of the Asphalt to Food Project. Based on feedback received from residents, the Township plans to convert the depaved courts into a community garden and green space. Let us know how you want to see the space used. Complete the five-minute survey by visiting or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share your ideas. The survey will close later this fall. 


Wyevale News

Happy birthday wishes go out to Helen Molto, Alex & Terry Archer, Carol Withall, Billy Nahuis, Will Smith, Tone Webb, Brian Campbell, Brenda Walker, Ryder O’Connor, Evan Handy, Thomas Jolie, Peter Beacock, Doc Moreau, Jim Hall, Brad Bumstead, Elizabeth Withall, Lenore Woodside and Sandy Crawford.

Bid euchre is on Friday afternoons at 1 p.m. in the church basement. $2.50 per person with light lunch & prizes. Winners from May 31st were: 1st Joan Thompson, tied for 2nd Lillian Robinson & Rose Balcom and 3rd Brian Edmond. Bid euchre is finished from now until September. Hope all the players have a good summer and come back in September.

Canada Day fireworks are at Wyevale Park on Sunday, June 30th with rain date being Monday July 1st. Donations can be left at the Jug City Store. So if you like fireworks, help us have a great night of it by leaving a donation at the Store.

The Beef BBQ is on Saturday July 8th in the church centre with two sittings at 5 and 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the Jug City Store

The last Youth Group will be having a scavenger hunt. For more information, call Pat Smith at 705.322.0224

The Grade 8 students all reported having a good time on their trip to Ottawa. One of them was my granddaughter Arianna Caston who said she had a great time. Graduation for these students will be the last week in June.

Sunday July 28th is my family fun day in Balm Beach from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Anyone with news items for the paper, please call me and leave a message at 705.527.5274


Midhurst Soapbox Derby and Classic Car Show a huge success

By Hale Mahon -  The weather cooperated and as a result, the 3rd annual Midhurst Soapbox Derby and Classic Car Show was a success, with countless kids and adults in attendance, all having a great time. Thank you to our volunteers, the members of the Midhurst Community Recreation Association, and everyone who attended for making the day great. We had approximately 20 Soapbox Cars and 15 classic cars in attendance. The winner for "best car" in the classics section was a red 1973 Chevy Camaro, a true beauty of a car. Thanks to OK Tire and Paul Sadlon for providing us with our tires for the racetrack. We look forward to seeing everyone out again next year!



Liz Kemp president of E.D.G.E. (Elmvale District Garden Enthusiasts)  presented a cheque on behalf of E.D.G.E. to E.D.H.S. principal Dan Macdonald (far right) and SCDSB Trustee Peter Beacock (middle) on May 28th.  The donation of $1,000.00 is for landscaping/plants at the newly renovated area of the high school.  Principal Macdonald was very appreciative to receive this donation on behalf of the E.D.H.S. students and staff.  It looks like the  environmental science class would like to use this to create some gardens in the fall.  E.D.G.E. will be having a plant sale at the Elmvale Farmer's Market on Friday, June 14th.  Come and check out our bounty of plants as well as bee houses for sale.


St John's Church Craighurst Sugarbush Service

Early in May St John’s Anglican Church, Craighurst, held their annual Sugarbush Service.  For 35 years we have been hosting our sister church, St Paul’s Midhurst, at an outdoor service at the Craig Sugarbush.  The choir sings a cappella, the Sunday School goes for a walk in the woods to admire God’s creation and also treasure hunt, and the congregation carries on, with Holy Communion.    Pews are planks set on hay bales, Communion hardware is pottery, and the Church is the great outdoors.  After the event lunch is served  and the crowning glory is maple syrup in tiny tasting cups, fresh made the day before, by the syrup maker and host Neil Craig.  It has become one of the Church Year highlights.


Deserving EDHS Student

On the night of Thursday, June 6th, The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) honoured many volunteers and students with an awards night held in their Auditorium. Elmvale District High School-

Co-operative Education Student, Natalee Schors, was recognized twice for her stellar performance during her placement in the RVH Regional Cancer Care Centre.

Natalee received the “Outstanding Student Service Award” given to a deserving secondary or post-secondary volunteer as well as the “My Care Student Award of Excellence” which is the highest honour students can receive at RVH.

The awards were handed out by RVH President and CEO, Janice Skot as well as Lise McCourt, who is the President of the RVH Auxiliary.   Natalee’s family, teachers, supervisors and fellow students could not be more proud of her achievements this year. We wish her all the best in her future medical/surgical goals and aspirations.

Well done, Natalee.


President of Elmvale Active Seniors Residence  Guest Speaker at Maple Syrup Banquet

The 54th Annual Banquet for the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival was held on Tuesday, June 4th, with representatives from numerous clubs, groups, associations and schools in attendance. They represented a wide spectrum of our community. Only two of the 27 recipients of funds from this year’s festival targeted seniors, but the entire audience listened with rapt attention as Sam Langman outlined the progress made thus far in achieving our goal of bringing an affordable seniors housing project to Elmvale. Sam’s explanation of “Life Lease”, description of “Seniors Community”, explanation of our search for the ideal property location and outline of the complexity of developing a project of this size was very well received.

It was gratifying to have representatives from children, youth and young adult groups identifying with the needs of seniors and appreciating the efforts of our group to become “Elmvale Active Seniors Residence”.

A generous round of applause followed Sam’s PowerPoint presentation and then he received a thank-you gift of … Elmvale Maple Syrup!


Springwater Libraries

Supplies Needed

If you have any of the following you could donate it would be greatly appreciated!  Egg cartons, pine cones, Paw Patrol items, Secret Life of Pets, Little Pet Shop items, Dog/cat picture books in excellent condition, stuffed animals (dogs/cats) in excellent condition, dog/cat figurines, ornaments, plates, mugs etc. in good condition and large cardboard boxes (minimum width/height of 30 inches flattened for storage).

Summer Reading Camp and Club Registration

Our super awesome camp program and reading club registration has started!  The camp themed “Natural World” is a drop off program for ages 5-12, registration required, cost $10 with the following dates/times: Elmvale Branch: Tuesday July 16-Friday July 19 (10am-12noon OR 2pm-4pm), Minesing Branch: Tuesday July 23-Friday July 26 (2pm-4pm), Midhurst Branch: Tuesday August 6-Friday August 9 (10am-12noon OR 2pm-4pm).  The Summer Reading Club is FREE and open to all ages with special prizes and activities in the library branches.  This club starts tracking in July.

Survivor Necklace

We’re making some neat tiki “survivor” necklaces from wine corks that can be made as a fun Father’s Day gift!  Saturday June 15, 1pm Elmvale Branch.  Cost $2.  Registration is required to ensure adequate supplies.

Lego Club

All ages are welcome to our Lego building challenge on Thursday June 20, 3:45pm Minesing Branch.

Book Cover Art

Join us for an evening of creativity where you will paint a wood base and create your own work of art incorporating pictures from story book covers!  Friday June 21, 7pm Minesing Branch.  Cost $5.

Canada Day Holiday

Please note all branches of Springwater Public Library will be closed Monday July 1 but will reopen to regular hours on Tuesday July 2nd.

Chalk the Block

The first week of July outside the Elmvale Branch you’ll find the sidewalk area sectioned off with chalk available at the circulation desk to help us create a happy sidewalk for locals and tourists alike!   For safety purposes we ask that young children be supervised by their parent/caregiver.

Lego Building Challenge

All ages are welcome to our weekly Lego building challenges happening throughout July and August!  Tuesdays in July and August 10:30am Midhurst Branch.

Amazing Race

Come out and race through roadblocks and challenges!  Ages 6+ with family teams (4 per team, max 6 teams) Saturday July 6, 1pm-2:30pm Elmvale Branch.  Cost $1 per participant.  Registration is required.

Messy Storytime

Come hear messy songs and stories and get ready to play with slime, paint and all the other fun things you don’t want to clean up at home!  Please dress for mess!Registration is required.  Tuesday July 9, 10:30am Midhurst Branch, Friday July 12 10:30am Elmvale Branch.

Coaster Stamping

Create a unique set of 4 tumbled marble coasters.  Friday July 19, 7pm Minesing Branch.  Cost $20.  Registration/payment are due Tuesday July 16 to ensure adequate supplies.

Dog Mania

Finding Them Homes is an adoptive agency for dogs.  Ages 4+ are welcome to adopt a play stuffed dog or cat, make a collar and get a fun certificate.  Tuesday July 23, 5:30pm-6pm Midhurst Branch.  Cost $5.  Registration is required.  If possible, real live puppies ready for adoption will be on hand for petting and adoption from 6pm-7pm (this portion of the program is open to the public).

Marvel Trivia Night  Gather a team to come and join the library for a fun evening of Marvel based trivia!  Registration required.  All ages welcome.  Minimum team 2 players, maximum 6 players.  Tuesday July 30, 6pm-7:30pm Midhurst Branch.  Cost $3.


Elmvale BIA Highlights

Music in the Park Returns June 22

We are excited to share our first musical talent scheduled for 🎷🎺Music in the Park🎺🎷

Join us for the amazing talents of Shane Cloutier

Learn more about his music -

Join us Saturday June 22

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

At the Elmvale Gateway Parkette 

At the corner of Queen & Yonge Streets the heart of Elmvale 

Sponsored by Jack's on Queen And the Elmvale BIA 

Next Scheduled Music in the Park

June 29th Miranda Journey Sponsored by Steelers Restaurant and the Elmvale  BIA

Learn more here -

Have you registered yet?  

Planning on attending the super fun Elmvale Sci Fi Fantasy Street Party this year? 

We are excited to share that we are also including a Time Travel Passport ...with a chance to win a replica sword valued at $300 

Be sure to register for this year’s event (for free) as an attendee.  

You can then pick up your Time Travel Passport at the day of the event. 

Sign up here:


Elmvale BIA Business Highlight 

Archers Bookkeeping Services

59 Yonge Street, S   Elmvale

 If you have any questions, Contact Person: Jean Priest

Phone: 705-352-1187


Springwater-Elmvale Farmer’s Market Returns June 14th

Stop by for local-goodness all Summer long.  While you are in town, enjoy all the shops, restaurants and services that the Village of Elmvale has to offer.  

Check out our business listings and enjoy the small town feel!

The market will operate every Friday, rain or shine, June 14th through September 27th, 2019, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The Market will be located in the municipal parking lot on Queen Street West, in Elmvale (next to the Elmvale Community Hall)

🌽This year’s vendors include:🌽

Bee by the Sea- honey and sea of buckthorn based beauty products

Campbell’s Country Emporium-fresh baked goods, preserves, honey, crafts and more

  El-Cam Farms- farm fresh products, herbs and plants

  Everything Maple and More-Pure maple syrup products

  Grams kitchen- butter tarts and tea biscuits

  Krysta Marie Designs-hand crafted artisan jewelry

  Lady Bug Treasures- variety of hand sewn and quilted items

  Libra Woodworks-handcrafted wood decor

  Mad Cravings-fresh baked goods

  Phil’s Whirligigs-wood wind spinners

  PJ’s meats- European style dried cured meats and breads

  Say Cheese-variety of cheese and meat pies

  Sock-Raving Mad-variety of hand sewn items

  V.Pria’s food and variety-Samosas and other Indian vegetarian food

  Valley Farm Market-farm fresh produce

  Wellness by K&D- essential oils blend and more

  Wood turning by Doug-lathe turned wood items

  Wye View Farms- farm fresh produce

  Young guns BBQ- ready to serve hot sandwiches


Ontario Nature recognizes AWARE Simcoe member

Photo: Kate Harries and Ontario Nature past president Otto Peter at awards ceremony Saturday.

SPRINGWATER - June 3 2019 - Ontario Nature has awarded its Carl Nunn Media and Conservation award to Kate Harries of AWARE Simcoe.

This award is presented to an individual, team or media outlet who has engaged in effective communication on one or more conservation issues.

Elmvale resident Kate Harries is a board member of AWARE Simcoe. She is webmaster for the AWARE website where she writes a blog and contributes articles. She is an active member and past president of the Midland-Penetanguishene Field Naturalists Club and a board member of the MTM ConservaJon Association.

“I’m thrilled to be recognized by an organization as large and influential as Ontario Nature,” Harries said. “The award is recognition of the efforts of all our members who are active across Simcoe County, and I’m privileged to be working to share their information and perspectives.”

AWARE Simcoe board member Sandy Agnew and Margaret Prophet of Midhurst received Ontario Nature’s Steve Hounsell Greenway Award for founding the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition The awards were presented Saturday at Ontario Nature’s AGM at Mohawk College in Hamilton.

Ontario Nature is a conservation organization that protects wild species and spaces through conservation, education and public engagement and is a charitable organization representing more than 30,000 members and supporters, and more than 150 member groups from across Ontario.

AWARE Simcoe is a citizens’ group that works to protect water, the environment


Lions Speaker Series Article

The Elmvale Lions Club monthly guest speaker for May was the organizer of TEDxCollingwood Chris Keleher. Chris owns Royal LePage CKTeam in Collingwood and is one of the initiators and now primary organizer of TEDx Collingwood. 

 Chris explained that TEDx events required a license from and that TEDx events are held all across the world. Organizers must record all of the speakers and send them into as part of the license renewal. then posts these speakers onto TEDxYouTube and possibly to be shared across the world. TEDx events are not for profit and it is actually against the license to make a profit from the event. The event is run entirely by volunteers and costs about $21,000. Cost recovery is done by ticket sales and sponsorship. 

TED Talks were not created by someone named TED but instead refers to Technology, Entertainment and Design and it’s primary purpose is to Spread Ideas across the world. A TED Talk will last between 6 minutes and no more then 18 minutes. This is the 3rd year for TEDxCollingwood and it sells out very quickly. The organizers choose a Concept and then ask for speaker applications that are focused on an idea that fits into the Concept. They usually receive approximately 100 applications which they need to reduce down to 9. The organizers then work many hours with the speakers to coach them on how to create an effective TED style talk. The event itself has 9 speakers, 3 entertainers and is broken down into 3 sections. (As a previous attendee last year I can personally say that the event was outstanding!). TED Talks in general can be enlightening, inspiring, funny and thoughtful and about pretty much anything you can think of. One of our Lions Club members shared a story about how his daughter had a brain bleed that created a big change in her life. A TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor discussing what it was like to be a doctor who studies the brain experiencing her own stroke greatly helped his daughter get through her ordeal. Oddly enough, this was the same TED talk that first got Chris interested in Chris finished off the evening discussion with a short talk about how we are tying our shoes wrong which resulted in a few Lions removing their shoes to try out the new technique.

  Our next speaker series is now finished for the summer and will start back up in September. If you are interested in attending a meeting or would like to learn more about the lions club you can contact Jason at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our website at