Letters to Editor

Springwater Shocked by TD Bank Announcement Regarding Closure of Elmvale Branch
Township of Springwater – The Township of Springwater was shocked to learn that the TD Bank will be closing the doors to its Elmvale Branch on May 11, 2018.
This closure will force hundreds of Springwater residents and businesses to make the drive to Wasaga Beach, Midland or Barrie to do their banking.
“As the only bank in the Township, this will create undue hardship for the residents of Elmvale,” says Springwater Mayor Bill French. “We are very disappointed in their decision to close their doors after more than 100 years in the community. This move will leave hundreds of customers stranded without access to a local financial institution. Many people do not have access to high-speed internet service, making it difficult for them to do their banking online; whereas others prefer the face to face interaction they receive when completing transactions at the local branch.”
“The closure of TD Bank will have a devastating impact on our local businesses,” says Al Pontes, President of the Elmvale BIA. “Our local businesses are successful, largely due to the fact that our community provides a range of services, none more crucial than our bank. The bank brings many people from the surrounding rural area and as far as Wasaga Beach into Downtown Elmvale. While banking, they will often stop to pick up much needed supplies, meet with some of the professional services offered or have lunch at one of our local restaurants.”
TD Bank has indicated that letters regarding the closure have been sent to all clients of the Elmvale Branch. A town hall style meeting to discuss options for clients will take place in January. Anyone with questions regarding the closure are encouraged to contact the Elmvale TD Branch directly.

Re the Closing of the Bank
On Nov.7th 2017 we received a letter informing us the Elmvale T.D. Bank will be closing in May 2018.  I was shocked and disappointed to hear the news.
We have always done our banking in Elmvale at the T.D. Bank.  In 1983 we started our own business and Earl and Staff were very helpful and it was a great dealing with people you know and trust.  That relationship has continued until present.
Over the years as our company grew we had several different Banks approached us wanting us to switch to their banks. We were not interested in changing banks as we felt the stores, small businesses, seniors and general public in small towns need a local bank to thrive. Bigger is not always better.
I have not heard one person in the area that is happy or wanting to change to a bank in Barrie.  
We sometimes wonder if these greedy decisions are made down on Bay Street as they don’t seem to know where their food and supplies come from.
Its important that area residents, businesses and government officials advocate for a new Bank in Elmvale.
I hope we get a Bank that wants to come to Elmvale that cares about the community.
Robert Ritchie
Ritchie Forest Products

11 / 11 - I observed the 11 AM 'silence' with a dear friend, had the radio on, and after the airwaves came back to life - listened to the emotional song, ''Highway of Heroes'', by the Canadian band, The Trews.
Certainly emotional, especially so for those of us who actually care about the men and women, who, past and present, serve in uniform - to protect our 'freedoms'.
''The day I shipped out / They numbered a dozen / Upon my return / Were a hundred or so'' - is how the song starts out.
All NEEDLESS deaths, as were the ones to follow ''I bet they keep coming''; yes, they certainly did.
Speaking personally, I might have lost a nephew.  It was only by his spur of the moment 'act of kindness', that I did not.  He withdrew from his 'head of the line' position on a night-time patrol march to help a comrade who was struggling with his back-pack.  Moments later he lost a good friend, now at the lead spot - another victim of a landmine of some sort; I won't use a fancy acronym or technical term, because in my Canadian 'freedom of thought' opinion, our participation in Afghanistan was a step towards insanity, and a very wasteful one at that, ESPECIALLY in terms of human 'costs'.
From the 2nd verse, ''I served without question''.
What was accomplished in this ''WAR ON TERROR''?
We have now withdrawn, and, 'Hey, did we get the bad guys?'
Again, I can't stress enough how important it is for YOU to do your own research into 'World events', and especially the reasons of why we 'find ourselves' embroiled in wars - and you should be against war in general, because it is essentially organized mass-murder.
What if I told you - you can look at the audio-video documentation of the 'Twin Towers' of 9-11 blowing up, and watch steel sections of the buildings, weighing several tons, impaling themselves into neighbouring buildings?
What if I told you WTC7 - the 47 story building with the reinforced 'hardened bunker' for the NYC city Mayor and his task force in an emergency situation - collapsed in about 7 secs. into it's own footprint, 20 [odd] mins. after the BBC told us it had?
What if I told you, so devastating were the explosive events in the Twin Towers, that 1,119 human bodies were never recovered - or even 'fragments of them' identified?  What if I told you that according to official DNA testing of the 20,000 'human fragments' positively identified, [in these fire / gravity-induced collapses], 200 of them belonged to a single individual?
Okay - I have told you.  What are YOU going to do about it?  [Silence...]
''True Patriot Love / There was never more''  ...
Peter E Davenport     TINY, ON

Dear Editor
It would seem the Liberals, NDP and the Progressive Conservatives (PC), are generally all the same, but what you might be wondering is why your municipal council is acting the way it is.  
Wonder no longer.  The Liberal Party Constitution states, in its Objects:  "To promote the election of Liberals to municipal and local elected offices."  There should also be great concern that the people running for the school boards may also included in this movement by the Liberal Party, shouldn't it?
Based on the Liberal Party Constitution of "promote the election of Liberals to municipal and local elected offices," the on-line Oxford Dictionary states "promote" is: "1.  Support or actively encourage (a cause, venture, etc.); further the progress of.  2.  Give publicity to so as to increase sales or public awareness…"
So in the promotion of a municipal councillor – does that also involve financial support, advertisement support, mailing list support, volunteer support, etc., – giving an unfair advantage over other candidates for municipal office or more?  
Under the Criminal Code of Canada it states, as example:
Municipal corruption
123 (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable … who directly or indirectly gives, offers or agrees to give or offer to a municipal official or to anyone for the benefit of a municipal official — or, being a municipal official, directly or indirectly demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept from any person for themselves or another person — a loan, reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for the official…
Influencing or negotiating appointments or dealing in Offices 125 Every one who
(a) receives, agrees to receive, gives or procures to be given, directly or indirectly, a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for cooperation, assistance or exercise of influence to secure the appointment of any person to an office,
(b) solicits, recommends or negotiates in any manner with respect to an appointment to or resignation from an office, in expectation of a direct or indirect reward, advantage or benefit, or…
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.  
Could this be considered as premediated considering the Liberal Party Constitution statement?
And what of all the by-laws, resolutions, official plans, etc., that have been and are being passed?  Is this Liberal government influence?  Shouldn't every by-law, resolution and every official plan be repealed until after the next municipal election?  
With this statement, of "promote," it would seem we can't trust our municipal officials because they may be influenced by the Liberal or other Parties and how can any of us know what the political aspirations are of any of these Officials?  
Elizabeth F. Marshall, Director of Research Ontario Landowners Association
Author – Property Rights 101:  An Introduction” Secretary – Canadian Justice Review Board Legal Research – Green and Associates Law Offices, etc., Legislative Researcher – MPs, MPPs, Municipal Councillors, President All Rights Research Ltd., Steering Committee – International Property Rights Association
I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.  Any information relayed is for informational purposes only.  Please contact a lawyer.

Everyone was shocked to hear the TD Bank in Elmvale was closing and relocating to a Barrie branch in May of 2018.  Elmvale commercially is having a tough time and this latest move by TD is one more blow to deal with.
 The reason given in last week’s letter to their customers was:
“Quite simply, we want to make sure that each branch is equipped to offer you a comfortable banking experience today and well into the future, with the new location allowing us to do just that.”
Personally I always was comfortable with the banking experience I received in Elmvale. I think they should have said it is better for the TD and its shareholders to improve profits. At least that would have been more believable. I have banked at the Elmvale branch for over 50 years and was proud to have them as part of our community. If you go to their web site under the heading “Communities” the caption at the beginning reads “Building stronger communities where we operate is our commitment. At TD, we work to enrich our communities by contributing to their social and economic development in long-lasting, sustainable ways.”
In the past TD has supported Elmvale with donations to various causes, for that I give them credit. This latest move however shows the true colours of this Banking institution, more profits and dividends to the shareholders count more than being part of any community. TD Canada Trust has had solid profit margins for a number of years; I guess it is not enough.
I feel for the local businesses and patrons that do not use the internet, and are using the bank daily or on a regular basis. The option of going to Barrie to bank is a major and costly inconvenience.  
I believe this is a done deal.  The only options, we as customers have are two choices, stick it out and stay with TD, or look for other options. I plan to do the latter. I think we need to investigate other financial institutions that are willing to come to Elmvale, and be prepared to commit to transferring all our banking needs to that company.  My loyalty to TD will cease when they leave my community.
Dan McLean