Letters to Editor

Good Morning

General Motors will close its assembly plant in Oshawa and our premier explains that little can be done.

Two suggestions:

Organize a boycott of all 2019 G M products. If General Motors will not hire Canadian workers, then Canadian workers should not purchase General Motors vehicles. Very simple, very effective. The threat of a province wide boycott should be enough to re-open negotiations.  A Canada wide boycott would be better but our leader in Ottawa appears shell shocked and would be hard pressed to organize a teddy bear's picnic.


Design and build a truly Canadian car.  Such a proposition is a gamble but does not have to be. France, India and Italy make their own cars.  Canadians are as capable.  The Saturn assembly plant in Spring Hill Tennessee was a bust and the product line abandoned in 2009, but it could have been successful by limiting production to one model, backing it with an extended warranty, and selling it at a competitive price.

A new Canadian car company might be married to an existing European or Korean manufacturer to assist with financing.  The workers would have to accept a significant $$ per hour pay cut  but be rewarded with incentive and profit sharing bonuses.

I would like to see a sedan named the Oshawa and a truck called the Midland

Wishful thinking perhaps.

Joffre McCleary  Barrie


Failure to meet “Mission Innovation” commitments should be the big story coming out of COP24

World leaders are converging this week in Poland for COP24, a global meeting on climate change where countries will negotiate rules for implementing the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Yet, global carbon emissions are continuing to increase, and the major reason is that clean energy technologies cost too much and are too limited in capabilities. This is why at the 2015 Paris meeting, 23 nations and the European Union agreed to double clean energy R&D in five years and join together in “Mission Innovation” (MI).

 Yet an analysis by ITIF Senior Policy Analyst Colin Cunliff shows a more accurate term would be “Omission Innovation,” as at the present rate investment in public RD&D among MI nations will increase by only about 50 percent in 5 years – a far cry from the promised doubling. Moreover, while MI’s Innovation Challenges have been successful at improving international collaboration, major gaps remain. In particular, some harder-to-decarbonize sectors—including cement, steel, and petrochemicals, and the transportation sector—are not sufficiently represented in the current set of Innovation Challenges. In an ITIF blog post, Colin outlines several recommendations to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation. 

 In summary, only much greater levels of public investment in clean energy research, development and demonstration (RD&D) will produce the level of innovation that will allow the planet to dramatically reduce emissions from fossil fuel consumption.

Thanks,  Lindsay (Bembenek)

Bednar Communications Director

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation  202-626-5744

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Letter to the Editor

 Following the demise of my family, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and embrace a more liberal approach to life. 

However, my awakening has been a painful one! I have been ridiculed, referred to as a witch, a quack, anti-Christ and new age!  Dog poop was left at the front door of my Metaphysical Bookstore in Elmvale in response to one of my articles stating that; “Joan of Arc heard God’s voice, instructing her how to defeat the enemy.”  My vehicle was ‘purposely’ rear-ended in the parking lot and two catholic churches (Elmvale & Stayner) refused my advertising $, stating that the congregation ‘was not comfortable with the word meta-physical and that my services were not appropriate for the community”

I was shocked and I failed to respond appropriately; “and the ‘flock’ is comfortable with the bigotry of so many priests who are emotionally disturbed?”

Unfortunately, rehabilitation is not always possible because they, too, have been violated and therefore, emotionally stunted!      

As a Professional Mental Health Counselor, I became a seeker of Higher Universal Truths which has been my saving grace, recognizing that a ‘healthy tree’ has many branches of understanding! However, in view of the divide, we can safely assume that organized religion would not want to be implicated as being one of the root causes of bi-polar, a label imposed on individuals exhibiting fear and anger, and costing taxpayers millions! ‘Fear of going to hell and angry at God for being judged’ continues to ‘cripple’ the uninformed. God does not judge despite the poor choices we make in life~~for in the overall scheme of things, we are infants in our understanding of the mysteries of the Universe!  Nevertheless, mental illness is on the rise and expected to be the #1 dis-ease of this century! Unfortunately, distortions of the mass consciousness have warped man’s ‘divinely’ intended view of life and continue to ‘plague’ victims of fear-based teachings that worthiness is external rather than an internal one, and only our ego can be damaged!

The time has come to embrace that we are Love Beings or a spark of God’s consciousness.  Furthermore, the One God has come on earth as Abraham, Buddha, Krishna and Jesus, and re-incarnation was taught by the RCC until the 6th century AD.  It was at this time that the phrase “carry your cross” was substituted for karma!   History continues to demonstrate that when progressive thinkers step out of their comfort zone, the ‘tribe’ rebels!  When M. Gandhi proclaimed that; “true morality consists not in following the beaten track, but in finding out the ‘True Path’ for ourselves and fearlessly following it,” he was silenced by his tribe’s fear of change!  Furthermore, the RCC’s mantra; “I AM not worthy to receive you, but say the word and I shall be healed” continues to minimize the individual’s inherent nature, which is one of Divinity!  I AM should only be used in a positive context!  Unfortunately, the ‘sins’ of our forefathers are propagated to the 7th generation, and continue to be part of our DNA until we shift from fear to love!

However, LightBearers, “who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that feels” have been ‘working’ together under the Guidance of Ascended Master St. Germain since the 1930’s ushering in the 7th Golden Age of Peace.  Furthermore, St. Germain has given mankind a gift~~the Violet Flame, to assist us in transmuting our personal karma; ~~ the Ascended Masters’ last attempt in assisting mankind in raising its vibration from fear to love. St. Germain, is better known as; St. Joseph, Jesus’ Father, Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Bacon, (illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth the 1st), the author of Shakespeare!  One of Sir Francis Bacon’s most powerful messages is; “All the world’s a stage, men and women merely players, they have their entrances and exits, and each person plays many parts; each ACT being 7 Ages.”  Embracing this Universal Truth will give mankind a new perspective on life!             

 Rita/ Be-Still Bridge of Light Metaphysical Bookstore~~A Place of Understanding/Elmvale


Does the Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte MP Want to Decriminalize all Drugs?

I support treating people with dignity, respect and compassion as they struggle with healthcare problems.  I want to see those struggling get the help that they need and am not qualified to dictate exactly what that care looks like.  I feel safe knowing that these care decisions are being handled by experts in consultation with the sick and have faith that they are doing their absolute best.

I was critical of Alex Nuttall for being against harm reduction strategies as proposed by our own local experts and felt his actions were not safe. Fear, uncertainty and doubt have no place in this debate. Following this, Alex did some research, attended a few treatment facilities and issued a report.  The Nuttall Report (2018) had some good points, some bad ones and was generally an opinion piece reflecting his beliefs, using research to support his position. I commend the effort that went into this document and the continued spotlight it has created. He has provided more than lip-service and done well in continuing the conversation even raising the matter in the House of Commons.

What surprised me was the reports recommendation XV.  It stated: “Implement administrative sanctions that mandate treatment in lieu of criminal charges for those caught with small amounts of opioids.”  This surprised me because it seems counter to the Conservative Party’s position on drugs and goes against the messaging previously shared by Alex.  Alex Nuttall doesn’t want to apply the Criminal Code to all possession offences- rather, he suggests we decriminalize all drugs for personal consumption.

This is big. But you need to ask him about that.

The drugs I want to talk about today are the ones used within our healthcare system.  I am proud of our healthcare system, but think we can do better on a number of fronts.  A good place to look at is pharmacare.  Pharmacare or prescription drugs, or legal drugs as some would say, are not covered consistently across Canada, and many cannot afford the medicines they need. In the Budget 2018, the Trudeau Government established an Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare.

What is national pharmacare?

Remember OHIP +?  The short lived- never fully implemented Ontario based prescription benefit program.  The idea was to add all needed medications into the basket of insured goods. Eventually, everyone would have most of their prescription needs covered.

Most countries as well off as Canada- and many not as well off, include pharmacare as part of a universal health care system. Most Canadians have some form of prescription drug coverage, the problem is that it varies greatly and some people are left with bills they cannot afford.  Some people do not take their medicine because they cannot afford them. This isn’t great to think about, but it is the reality of our current system.

In 2017, Canadians spend $926 per person on prescriptions per year.  What disappoints me is that we pay among the highest prices and spend more on prescription drugs than citizens of almost every other country in the world. Now, I work as a Director in a hospital and know how much we are spending on drugs for patients and that number is going up, up, up.  The employer-employee drug benefit plan for staff is also seeing increases that one could related to a more experienced workforce or more available treatment options for chronic conditions. Not everyone is lucky enough to be covered by an employer sponsored drug plan. My in-laws are farmers and they pay for their prescription drugs just like many of you. A national pharmacare plan will allow us to provide better healthcare for everyone at a more affordable price.

Pharamcare really hasn’t been front page news yet.  I haven’t seen Andy yelling and pointing at Justin about drugs, well not pharmacare anyways.  The Canadian Pharmacists Association asked each political party if they supported a national Pharmacare plan.  I wasn’t surprised to see Jagmeet, May and Justin as supporters. Andy didn’t respond.  I guess he is waiting until the final report comes out from the advisory council this spring before he formulates a policy on this. Maybe that report is also informing his climate change policy, I don’t know.

This will be a hot topic for the election in 2019.  The debate is going to focus on how we are going to pay for it, who gets covered, what gets covered and do we implement a plan at all.  Buying things in bulk makes economic sense and ensuring we all have access to medicine is important- so I am excited about the possibility.  I thought this was one issue we could all rally behind, but the world seems a little different now. But I am no expert. I shall differ to Dr. Hoskins and his team with their extensively detailed consultation process. It would be great if we could make prescription medication more affordable for everyone and I think medications help to make the population healthier.

It is very important for all of us to get the facts, stay informed and push for a more inclusive, compassionate and progressive society.

Thanks,  Jeff Kerk - healthcare director in Simcoe / former Liberal candidate in the 2018 provincial election.