About Us

We print 18,000 newspapers once every two weeks. 16,400 are mailed out by Canada Post to post office routes in the rural Barrie area (2675), all of Midhurst (1550), all of Minesing (1475), all of Grenfel and Utopia (750), all of Phelpston (610), all of Hillsdale (620), all of Elmvale (2425), all of Wyebridge (260), all of Wyevale (850), all of Perkinsfield (1250), the Rural Routes 1 and 2 of Midland (1050), and the Rural Routes of Penetanguishene that go into Tiny Township (2800) papers. We have 150 subscriptions across Canada.

The paper is electronically transferred to Master Web Inc. in Mississauga by 4 pm on the Tuesday before the Publication Date.  It is printed and delivered back to the Barrie Post Office on Morrow Road where we meet on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, the papers are delivered to 12 post office drops (Penetang, Midland, Perkinsfield, Wyevale, Wyebridge, Elmvale, Hillsdale, Phelpston, Minesing, Midhurst, Barrie and Angus/Utopia/Grenfel).

If the world was a perfect place, everyone would have their paper in their box on Thursday. Most postal delivery persons make that a priority and we appreciate their due diligence.

The paper is published every other Thursday. The deadline is the Monday before (3 days). The sooner your ads/articles arrive, the sooner they are in the paper as it is a daily work in progress.

If you or someone you know would like to write anything, whether it be an article, an opinion or something about your community, please do so. All contributions are gladly accepted.
Michael Jacobs,  Owner/Editor